1782 South 1600 East Zoning Map Amendment and Master Plan Amendment.

1782 South 1600 East Zoning Map Amendment and Master Plan Amendment.

UPDATE:  This petition was denied by the Planning Commission 4/26/2023 and the City Council.

This is a request to change the zoning from R1/7000 Single Family Residential to SR-3 (Special Development Pattern Residential) Zoning District with a corresponding Master Plan change.  The property owner wants to build a single-family home on the lot if it is rezoned.  This requires both a Zoning Map and Master Plan Amendment.  Here is what is being requested.

The applicant says that this lot is consistent with PLAN SALT LAKE and GROWING SLC.

We do need more housing, and this would add one more buildable lot.  This lot has been declared “unbuildable” by Salt Lake City in the past, but that was before the SR-3 zone was created.  Please read the request, the definition of the new zone, Plan Salt Lake and Growing SLC. This was on the SHCC Land Use and Zoning meeting April 17, and will be on the Planning Commission Agenda April 26.  Here is the Planning Commission Staff Report.

This is the letter sent by SHCC to the Planning Commission, with comments received from the neighbors. We are told that if this rezone is approved, the requirements for setbacks, etc would need to follow the requirements in the new ADU Ordinance adopted in April 2023.  Here is a link to that plan.   Here is a link to the Planning Commission Agenda, which will give you instructions if you want to attend the meeting and speak, or watch the meeting from home.  I think in-person comments are the most meaningful.  You will have two minutes to speak, so write out your speech and practice lt.  Please speak to the issues that are applicable, like why it doesn’t meet the zoning code, if you thing it does not.  You can also send an email to kelsey.lindquist@slcgov.com and she will send to the Planning Commission.  It has to be received before the start of the meeting.

 If you have comments, please send an email with your comments to judi.short@gmail.com

Judi Short