1844 And 1852 E 2700 South Subdivision

1844 And 1852 E 2700 South Subdivision


UPDATE:  The Planning Commission approved this with conditions on June 9, 2021. The conditions read as follows:

Based on the information in this staff report, Planning Staff recommends that the Planning Commission approve the proposal as proposed and subject to complying with all applicable regulations and the conditions below:

1. The structure on Lot 3 shall have quality primary exterior building materials such as brick and stone and accent materials such as Hardie board siding and stucco.

2. The structure on Lot 3 shall be subject to the requirements of 21A.24.010.I Front Façade Controls.

3. The mature fruit trees on Lot 3 are to be preserved.

4. Applicant must provide a disclosure of private infrastructure costs for the shared driveway as required in 21A.55.110.An easement shall be dedicated along the driveway providing perpetual access to all three parcels.

5. The applicant shall comply with all required department comments and conditions.


UPDATE:  This proposal will be on the June 9 Planning Commission meeting at 5:30. Here is the letter from SHCC, along with community comments,  to the Planning Commission for this project.  Here is the Planning Commission Staff Report, which recommends approval.  If you want to watch the meeting, or speak at the meeting, the agenda and instructions are here.

David and Barbara Harvath, property owners, are requesting to subdivide two lots at 1844 E 2700 S and 1852 E 2100 S and create a third lot in the rear portion of 1852 E 2700 S. The newly created lot would facilitate a new single-family residence. The request would result in three lots that do not meet lot width requirements found in the R-1/12,000 Single-Family Residential zoning district. The R-1/12,000 zoning district requires a minimum lot width of 80 feet. The proposed lot width for the lot located at 1844 E 2700 S would be 67.3 feet wide, the proposed lot width for the lot located at 1852 E 2700 S would be 68.7 feet wide and the proposed lot width for the newly created lot would be 24 feet wide. Planned Development approval is required due to the requested modified lot width for the new lots. This will need review by SHCC and a public hearing at the Planning Commission at a later date.

Here is the notice we received, including the approval criteria, and early notification letter. and this is a description of what they plan to do. This is the preliminary plan, how the lot would look like if the project were approved.

The SHCC Land Use and Zoning Committee met on Monday March 15 at 6 pm.  However, there is still time to comment.  I will include any comments received this way in my letter to the Planning Commission.

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