1861-71 South 1300 East Townhomes (Central Park Townhomes)

1861-71 South 1300 East Townhomes (Central Park Townhomes)

PLANNING COMMISSION DECISION – The project was denied.

UPDATE:  Here is a link to the staff report indicating approval of this project.  Here is a link to the SHCC letter with comments written to the PC recommending they ask the petitioner to rethink this project.

UPDATE:  This will be on the Planning Commission agenda December 8 at 5:30 pm via webex.  Go here to find instructions on how to watch the meeting or speak at the meeting.    https://www.slc.gov/planning/public-meetings/planning-commission-agendas-minutes/

If you want to speak at the meeting, you need to register through Webex.  If you just want to watch it, you can watch youtube or SLC TV (links on the page you are on).  If you just want to send in a written comment, send it to planning.comments@slcgov.com and on the subject line put 1861 S 1300 E.  If you want someone to read your comments aloud during the meeting, specify that on the first line of your email.


We have received a request to provide comments on a Planned Development and Subdivision Central Park Townhomes at 1861 South 1300 East.  This is a five townhome development in the heart of Sugar House at 1871 S 1300 East, just south of Allen Park. They want a 5 unit subdivision so each dwelling has its own lot.  The building is proposed as a single-family attached dwelling per the RMF-30 Low-Density Zone. The petitioner is asking for relief from the required 3000 square foot unit size so he can put in five townhomes.  And he will save several native trees. You can read the plans here. This is a narrative describing the project.

A flyer has been distributed to the surrounding neighborhood.  This was on the agenda of the SHCC Land Use and Zoning Committee on November 15.

Judi Short