1945 South 1300 East Zoning Map Amendment

1945 South 1300 East Zoning Map Amendment

UPDATE:  This was on the Planning Commission Agenda July 14, 2021 at 5:30 p.m. Here is the packet sent to them that includes our letter and neighborhood comments.  Here is the STAFF REPORT, recommending approval.  The Planning Commission denied the rezone.  The petitioner could still go to the City Council and seek their approval.  For now, the project is on hold.


The applicant, Max Chang, representing American Estate Management Corp., the property owner, is requesting to amend the zoning map for a property located at approximately 1945 South 1300 East. The proposal would rezone the entire property from RMF-35 (Moderate Density Multi-Family Residential) to RMF-45 (Moderate/High-Density Multi-Family Residential). The proposed amendment to the Zoning Map is intended to accommodate a new multi-family residential development and will potentially provide a total of 46 residential units.

Here is the proposal for the rezone.  It also includes plans for a building, but that will not be part of our discussion.  Our conversation will be whether or not changing the zone is the right thing for this parcel, and whether it complies with the Sugar House Master Plan, and other city policies.  The Planning Commission will make a recommendation to the City Council about this.  Should the City Council approve the rezoning, then we might see the plans for the parcel, if it needs some special exceptions.



Judi Short