2148 South 2060 East Planned Development and Subdivision

2148 South 2060 East Planned Development and Subdivision

We have a request to convert a duplex into two owner-occupied units, leaving the remainder of the common space to be shared by the two units.  No major construction will be needed.  Each side of the duplex will have its own lot.  In the SR-1 Special Development Pattern Residential Zoning District, this needs to be a planned development.

You can review our Notification Letter, which includes the description of the request and the criteria for approval. The application is included. Here is the drawing of the subdivision lot plan.,

The SHCC Land Use and Zoning Committee (LUZ) approved this plan as designed.  There were no comments from the neighbors.  Here is the letter we sent to the Planning Commission. 

This will be on the January 25, meeting of the Planning Commission at 5:30.  Here is the Planning Commission Staff Report.

This project was approved by the Planning Commission January 25, 2023.


Judi Short