2174 South 1900 East Accessory Dwelling Unit in Basement

2174 South 1900 East Accessory Dwelling Unit in Basement


UPDATE: This was approved by the Planning Commission May 27, 2020.

UPDATE:  2174 S 1900 E Letter to PC with flyer

The current one-story house will be demolished, and replaced with a two-story house, utilizing the existing foundation.  In the basement, an Accessory Dwelling Unit  (ADU) will be built that is 661 square feet in size.

Email to Sugarhouse CC – Formal Notice of Petition for ADU

Existing Floor Plans

Existing House Elevations

Padilla ADU – Early Notification Letter

Proposed House Elevations

Site Plan2.25-2 Update Project description Basement

ADU Floor Plan 2.25

The Sugar House Community Council will review this proposal at its March 16 meeting, from 6:30-7:00 pm at The Legacy Sugar House, 1212 East Wilmington Avenue, Fifth Floor Fairmont Room. You may attend this meeting to give feedback, or fill out this comment form.  Your comments will go with our letter to the Planning Commission.

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