4th of July S-Line schedule

4th of July S-Line schedule

Thousands of Salt Lake Valley residents will celebrate the 4th of July in Sugar House, and this year, they will be able to take transit
before and after the Arts Festival and Fireworks. Visitors will be able to avoid getting stuck in traffic thanks to an agreement reached with the Utah Transit Authority offering extended late-night service on the S-Line and TRAX. The last S-Line train leaving Sugar House will be at 11:20pm.

This will be the first year of transit service on the 4th of July. The extended service improves safety, reduces congestion, improves our air quality, and eases the inconvenience of added traffic in Sugar House. Visitors can park in public parking along the transit corridors and be brought back to their cars at the end of the night via S-Line or TRAX. A safe and easy walking route to Sugar House Park includes a new pedestrian tunnel that goes under 1300 East and through Hidden Hollow (behind Bed Bath & Beyond).

There is a parking lot along the S-Line at the State Street stop. Take advantage of it.

Specific scheduling information can be found on our website or facebook pages as well as http://www.rideuta.com.

Additionally, UTA has announced the S-Line scheduled will begin to match the hours of Trax at the end of August.

Landon Clark