Boy's and Girl's Club SUgar House

A New Boys and Girls Club for Sugar House??!


NOTE: We haven’t received this petition yet, but expect to receive it soon.

This is the view, looking west, of the edge of the current Sugar House Boys and Girls Club on Sugarmont Avenue, and the vacant tennis courts.  There is a proposal, partially funded by a donor from RSL. to put a new Sugar House Boys and Girls Club building on the corner of 900 East and Sugarmont.    The new building will be able to accommodate more youth because of its design. Phase II will be a new structure, built on the site of the old building and old parking lot, that would serve as a parking structure on the lower level, and then space for some courts on the upper levels.

Below you will find a link to some very tentative drawings (click the image).  The idea is that a new building will be built, and the old building will remain in place and used, until the new building is complete.  Then the old building will come down.  There will be a community plaza open to the public.  The courts on the top of the parking structure will be used for FUTSAL and TOCA training.  Below are links to two short videos that show how young people can train to build basic soccer skills in a much smaller space than a full-size soccer field.

Click to View Full Plan

Boy's and Girl's Club SUgar House


RSL FUTSAL Courts (Click to Watch Video)



This is  still very tentative, and as we get more detailed plans, they will be reviewed at the sugar House Land  Use Committee meetings and/or the Sugar House Community Council Committee meetings.  Watch our website for meeting agendas, check the calendar for the LUZ agendas.

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Judi Short