ADU (Accessory Dwelling Units) Updates

ADU (Accessory Dwelling Units) Updates

Salt Lake City has informed us that they are updating the Accessory Dwelling Ordinance, and want our input. This is the original  Notice Letter.

Here is the most recent draft 1/17/23, which is what they will vote on.  They didn’t vote on Feb 21, so we think it could be March 7.

They also provided us with the text for the new draft ordinance,   Read this carefully, these are the changes:

This proposed ordinance makes the following amendments to Title 21A. Zoning:

  • Strikes section 21A.40.200 and replaces it with new language.
  • Changes how and where Accessory Dwelling Units can be created.
  • Makes changes to size and form and setback requirements.
  • Adds alley activation requirements.
  • Amends land use tables (Chapter 21A.33) to remove ADUs.
  • Amends definitions (Chapter 21A.62) to include several new definitions, amend some existing definitions, and replace the current definition for Accessory Dwelling Unit.
  • Amends section 21A.40.050 to update the standards for accessory building coverage.
  • Amends Form-Based Districts (section 21A.27.030) to remove Detached Dwelling Units.


There will be a new Staff Report that will be on the city website Friday, September 9. We know there will be a change having to do with a window on the alley, but don’t know what else may be changed.  As a Council, we voted to support the requirement that the property owner must live in one of the units.   Make sure you mention owner-occupancy, if that is important to you.  We have more against it, than in favor of it. You can send your comment using the form below or directly to the planner  Please send a copy to me

Here is a copy of my letter to the Planning Commission along with comments I have received from the community.

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    Judi Short