Alta Terra Sugar House (former 24 Hour Fitness Location)

Alta Terra Sugar House (former 24 Hour Fitness Location)

The larger building of this pair will be before the Planning Commission on January 26 at 5:30.  We have seen this a number of times at both the Land Use and Zoning (LUZ) Committee, and at some whole SHCC meetings.  This building has been undergoing Design Review by the city (required for all large projects in the CSHBD zones), and has finally reached the point where the Planning Commission can approve it and they can begin to apply for construction permits.  Here is the letter written by the SHCC in support of this project.  If you want to watch the meeting or speak to the Planning Commission, here are instructions.

This project consists of two buildings, one on the corner of Ashton Avenue where the gym once stood (above).  Here is the PC staff report for this larger building.  The drawings for this larger building are included in the drawings for the smaller building below.


The second building is south across the street to the west of the liquor store where the 24-hour parking lot was.  We discussed this second building at the August 16 meeting of SHCC LUZ and here is our letter, along with comments, for the Planning Commission.  Here is a link to the description of this building.   Here are the drawings:  On pages 12-17 you will see the drawings of the actual building. The Planning Commission reviewed this, and approved it,  November 10, 2021.  Here is that PC Staff Report.  The applicant can now proceed with finishing final drawings and a building permit. Here is the SHCC letter.


This building will have 113 micro-units in eight stories, totaling 125,100 SF. Units will range from Studio to 2 bedrooms and 240-694 sf.  This will allow people of lower incomes to be able to afford something in the Sugar House Business District.  There will be parking, a ground floor lobby leasing and amenities, and residential space on the first floor. The Design Standards from our master plan, along with the developer’s response, are in this document.    Our job will be to compare the standards to the proposal and determine whether the standards were met.



Here are the drawings we received for our January 2021 Land Use Meeting where the first draft of the main building was discussed.  T

2021 01 08 – Sugar House Presentation – Resized


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