April 2017 Chair Report

April 2017 Chair Report

Now that the weather is turning, I thought an update on the Parley’s Trail would be pertinent.   The section from 2500 East to 1700 East is due to be completed by the end of June.  This includes the tunnel and bridges.  Awesome riding, running and walking ahead.


Check out our link for construction updates in Sugar House.     Things should really start ramping up here in the next month or two with 4 big projects happening in the Sugar House Business District, which we expect to take 18 months to 2 years to complete.   We will have Bill Knowles available for our meeting on April 5th for an update on haul routes, parking and any other questions you may have.    Patience will be the name of the game.

New Trustees

We welcome three new trustees to the council this past month all from the Nibley area, which are represented for the first time since in a long time.   They are Chris Sveiven, Shane Stroud and Dayna Mckee.   You might know them from their nonstop spots on the nightly news.


We are helping promote two functions that the Sugar House Chamber has planned in the coming months.   Sample Sugar House (Dine-O-Round for Sugar House) April 21-29 and the Sugar House Pub Crawl May 20.  Sugar Days will be in conjunction with Sample Sugar House     Sugar Days April 21-23.  Look for more events throughout the summer in our attempt to bring more people to Sugar House. You can follow the events we have information on here.
Landon Clark