August 2017 Chair Report

August 2017 Chair Report

News from the Sugar House Community Council:

Meet Your Candidates:   The Community Councils of Sugar House, East Liberty and Ballpark are holding a meet the candidates event at the Jewett Center on Westminster College Campus on July 27th from 6-8 pm.  This event will include District 5 and District 7 candidates.  Please come out, ask your questions and meet your candidates.

Community Events:   We are bringing back Night Out Against Crime to the Eastside.In coordination with National Night Out Against Crime, we will be holding a Sugar House version of this event.   It is on August 1st from 6-8 pm at Fairmont Park.  We are working with Boys & Girls Club, Fairmont Aquatic, Sugar House Chamber, Westminster College, Bicycle Collective and SLC police.  Come be a part of a great community event!

Notable Contact Information:

District 6 City Council: Charlie Luke 801-535-7784,

District 7 City Council: Lisa Adams 801-535-7715,

Nate Salazar SLC Mayor’s Liaison 801-535-7976,

CIU District 7: Detective Josh Ashdown 801-799-3127,

SLC Fire Department Non-Emergency 801-799-3473

SLC Police Non-Emergency 801-799-3000

Drug Hotline 801-799-DRUG (3784)

Parking Enforcement 801-535-6628

Our next meeting is in the basement of the Sprague Library from 7-9 pm on August 2nd.

Landon Clark