Building Services Ordinance (Construction Enforcement, Fines, Boarded Buildings, etc)

Building Services Ordinance (Construction Enforcement, Fines, Boarded Buildings, etc)

Salt Lake City proposes ordinance changes concerning the enforcement of building
construction including the maintenance of unsecured, boarded or unsafe buildings. Associated
permit fees are also to be considered to be amended as follows:
• Modernize/reflect the City’s existing zoning enforcement process and incorporate that
same process into Title 18.
• Have the building code enforcement appeal process mirror the existing zoning code
enforcement appeal process.
• Update the technical requirements of Title 18 to match current building codes and
eliminate portions of Title 18 that are repetitive of building codes.
• Resolve inconsistencies with Title 21A.
• Create fines for Title 18 construction violations (general: $100/day; violation of a stop
work order: $250/day; housing code violations $50-$200/day depending on violation).
• Increase fees associated with boarded buildings and add an enhanced fee for the
boarding abatement of contributing structures to realign the actual costs of operating
and administering a boarded building program into the associated boarding permit fees.

Here is the proposed new Chapter 18 Ordinance.

And, here is the Legislative Version, so you can clearly understand what is being changed.

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