Call for Artists

Call for Artists

Fairmont Park Glass Recycle Bin Request for Mural Artists

The Friends of Fairmont Park and Sugar House Community Council seek to commission an artist to create an original mural on a metal glass recycling dumpster to be stationed in the park. A selection panel of community representatives will select an artist for the project. The allocated commission for the mural is $1,500 and an additional  $500 allocated for paint and supplies . The glass recycling bin may be a part of a rotation of mural-decorated bins at Liberty, Sugar House, and Rotary Glen parks. Momentum Recycling will provide a refurbished and primed bin for the piece. Friends, Momentum, and the Council will host an unveiling party for the piece in summer 2023 and will honor the art, artist, and the park with a public celebration. Fairmont Park has a rich history and has seen significant improvements over the past decade. This mural will represent past and present beauty and features of the park.


This project is open to all Utah artists. No additional funding is provided for travel or lodging, but must come out of the artist’s commission. The finalist will be required to sign a release of liability and indemnity agreement.

Project Description

The Friends of Fairmont Park Mural is designed to enhance the park by adding refreshing vibrancy and beauty to public spaces and encouraging awareness of the opportunity to recycle. It will be added to a walking tour of Sugar House murals in the future. The mural painting will also be required to include youth engagement with members of Youth City and the Sugar House Boys and Girls Club participating in painting the mural. The mural will be painted outdoors at the park. The artist will accommodate a set time for painting with youth on a weekday between May 15-25.. The youth organizations will ensure one teacher  and two additional adults will be on site for youth supervision. 

 Link to application

APPLICATION DEADLINE April 19, 2023 11:59 PM 

Project Contacts

Sarah Woolsey, Friends of Fairmont Park


Laurie Bray, Sugar House Community Council Trustee


Landon Clark