Chair Report

Chair Report


Our next meeting will be the first of many with the new District 7 City Council member, Amy Fowler.  We are excited to work with her for (at least) the next four years.


Thank you to everybody who came out to our holiday social.   I would really like to thank the trustees who organized it…Deb Henry, Benjamin Session, Melanie Heath and Dayna McKee.   Our intent is to do a few more socials throughout the year.  Keep an eye out on all social media platforms.

Construction Update:

Check out our website ( for an updated list of construction projects in Sugar House courtesy of Bill Knowles, SLC Community Ombudsman.

Public Utilities Update:  

Public Utilities is doing a minor construction project that they wanted the community to be aware of.   They are replacing the metal lid/plate in the sidewalk on Highland Dr, in front of the gas station.  The construction should be limited to the sidewalk/driveway area. The crew will be removing that access, and replacing it with a solid piece of pipe, and restoring the sidewalk.

 Location of the next SHCC meeting:

Legacy Village is kind enough to host us again in January.  We will be meeting on January 3rd from 7-9 pm on the 5th floor in the Fairmont Room. The address for Legacy Village is 1212 East Wilmington Ave. Remember that these are open meetings and everyone is welcome!

Landon Clark