Child Daycare and Home Daycares

Child Daycare and Home Daycares

UPDATE:Since our previous discussion at the July LUZ meeting, the city has received new information from the State Licensing Division regarding Home Daycares. The city would like to make amendments to the Child Daycare Centers and Home Daycares (within Home Occupations). This is to reduce zoning barriers for these uses and better align with the Utah State Code.

Specifically, an existing Home daycare licensee may open up a second location for their business in a residential building without requiring permanent residential use.  After some research and a discussion with the Salt Lake City Planning Commission, staff has determined that the need for small, neighborhood daycares is an important and urgent demand of working parents. Therefore, we have updated the proposed amendments to allow for this second Home Daycare location.  Here is the letter with community comments sent to the Planning Commission.

This is the Planning Department Staff Report

A summary of all our proposed amendments is as follows:

This was discussed at the SHCC Land Use and Zoning (LUZ) meeting on September 18 at 6 p.m. at the Sprague Library.   It will be on the Planning Commission Agenda October 11 at 5:30 pm You can attend that meeting

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