Committee List

Committee List

These are the primary committees of the Sugar House Community Council


The mission of the Sugar House Community Council is to involve citizens in identifying issues, plans, and projects that enhance the beauty, safety, vibrancy, and human-scale character of Sugar House neighborhoods, businesses, and historical and natural resources.  The council sponsors, supports, and provides a voices on such issues to governing bodies, public and private service agencies, the community at large and any other organization or individual that may directly affect the vitality of the Sugar House area and its residents. At times committees get formed and are more temporary issue focused or they don’t last for a long period. On the trustees page you can view each trustee and the committee they are involved with. Feel free to contact any of those members for more information if the committee is not listed below.


Work with the City Planner assigned to Sugar House to educate SHCC on land use and zoning issues in the Sugar House area.  Facilitate presentations of individuals required to come before the SHCC for zoning concerns including but not limited to:

  • Unit legalization
  • Antennas
  • Conditional use permits
  • PUDs
  • Variances
  • Zoning changes

Make recommendations to SHCC on zoning changes requested by individuals at the time of presentation to SHCC by applicant.


Adopted: December2, 2009

The SHCC Parks, Open Space and Trails Committee (POST) will:Encourage the development and implementation of the relevant master plans within the SHCC boundaries, including:

  • Sugar House Master Plan Update
  • Hidden Hollow Master Plan
  • Fairmont Park Master Plan
  • Sugar House Park Master Plan
  • Parley’s Historic Nature Park Master Plan
  • SLC Open Space Master Plan
  • Bikeways Master Plan
  • Other master plans as identified.

Facilitate the development of all trail corridors identified within the SHCC boundaries.  Report to the SHCC on the activities of the Sugar House Park Authority, the Friends of Sugar House Park, and Friends of Hidden Hollow.  Make recommendations when SHCC should explore conservation easements and funding for the preservation of open space.  The committee approved the following goals for the year 2010:

  • Request funding for a feasibility study for the Canal/McClelland Trail to 21st South. Generate data from members of the community who would be directly affected by the installation of this trail and others in the Sugar House area who would use it. Monitor proposals for new developments along the Canal trail alignment.
  • Install playground equipment in Parley’s Way Park and signage in Hillcrest Park.
  • Ask the City to create a Parks Commission.
  • Support Sugar House Park Authority with their programs.
  • Develop and enhance pedestrian crossings in the business district.
  • Request funding to acquire land for Imperial Neighborhood Park and to build the North Brickyard Park on Crandall Ave.
  • Incorporate a permanent off-street trail in the planning, design, and construction of any I-80 improvements.

POST is a standing committee that will bring its charter to the SHCC Board for approval as needed for updates.  It will elect its chair annually.



The purpose of the Transportation Commission is to work as a committee to maximize benefits from transportation-oriented planning and development for the Sugar House community and the larger Salt Lake City area.   Maintain and encourage awareness of all transportation modes including vehicular, transit, light rail, commuter rail, trolley, pedestrian, bicycle and other forms of transportation.  Work for solutions and recommendations to transportation issues that improve both the environment and sustainable character of the community.  Committee responsibilities include:

  • Maintain oversight of all forms of transportation planning, design and construction activities in the Salt Lake City area that impact the Sugar House area.  Participate in public hearings, meetings, and surveys and work proactively with transportation project organizations and other stakeholders.
  • Provide suggestions and recommendations to improve walkability, safety and sustainability of the Sugar House community.
  • Monitor and encourage progress towards the consideration of alternative modes of transportation, in addition to cars, within SHCC boundaries and SLC at large, including but not limited to: light rail, monorail, trolleys, pedestrian plazas, street malls, crosswalks and walkways, traffic calming, dedicated pedestrian and bicycle paths.
  • Inform Sugar House residents via the community council website of development and issues that impact the community.
  • Brief the Sugar House Council and committees on issues directly impacting the Sugar House area.
  • Hold regular committee meetings to review current issues and develop strategies to achieve success in transportation planning, design, and construction.  Provide reports on meeting discussions and recommendations.
  • Monitor public input and attitudes toward transportation related issues.
  • Facilitate two-way communications with the community stakeholders including not only the general public, but businesses, agencies, government entities, and organizations affected by changes and trends in transportation.
  • Apply for transportation-oriented grants available for the general improvement of the Sugar House community.
  • Encourage awareness of Master Plans and other documents pertaining to transportation and provide active feedback for improvement.
  • Coordinate with other community councils or entities involved in sporta projects that indirectly or directly affect the Sugar House area.

Transportation Committee Reference Links

Downtown In Motion (Salt Lake Downtown Transportation Master Plan)

Utah Department of Transportation Website,V:1%2C

Sugar House Master Plan

Adapted Salt Lake City Transportation Plan Maps

Interactive Maps (Salt Lake City Engineering Department)

Salt Lake City Bicycle

Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Centerhttp://www.walkinginfo.org 1

300 E Hawk Signals for Pedestrians


To promote, brand, support and develop businesses in Sugar House to create a community that is more cohesive and educated, leading to increased awareness and business success.


The mission of the Artus and Culture Committee is to facilitate awareness of arts events, installations and projects in the Sugar House and Salt Lake City area.  The mission includes education the Sugar House Community Council about upcoming and ongoing cultural events in the area and promoting an open dialogue about the importance of art and culture in the area.



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