Cell Tower Array Expansion 2267 East 2700 South

Cell Tower Array Expansion 2267 East 2700 South

Here is the letter SHCC sent to the Planning Commission for this project.

Salt Lake City has received a Conditional Use request from T-Mobile, represented by Larson Quick of Rage Development, LLC, in order to increase the size of an existing antenna array mounted on an existing utility pole located in the rear yard of the property located at approximately 2267 E 2700 S. The subject property is located within the R-1/7,000 Single-Family Residential District. This zoning district requires that antennas located in a rear yard utility easement in all residential districts be reviewed as a Conditional Use. The existing antenna mount is designed for a single antenna per sector and is insufficient to hold the proposed equipment, so a new mount has been recommended by the engineer of record for the project. This replacement and expansion work is necessary in order for T-Mobile to meet network demands in this area.

This type of application requires approval from the Administrative Hearing Officer. A hearing with the Administrative Hearing Officer has not been scheduled – We will be notified of the public hearing at a later date.

Here is the information provided by the city:

Email to Sugarhouse CC – Formal Notice of Petition for Cell Tower

Cell Tower Expansion – Early Notification Letter

SL01303A_Permitting_Zoning Description

Map and Drawings Cell Tower Array

If you fill out a comment form, we will send you a link to the Virtual SHCC Land Use and Zoning Committee October 19 at 6 p.m. If we don’t get any comments, this will not be on that agenda.  We will post the Administrative Hearing Information when we receive it.

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