Drive-Through Uses in the Sugar House Business District (CSHBD1 and CSHBD2)

Drive-Through Uses in the Sugar House Business District (CSHBD1 and CSHBD2)

UPDATE: This proposal went to the Salt Lake City Planning Commission on February 26, 2023.  Here is the staff report.After our Land Use and Zoning meeting, and receiving comments, I wrote this letter to the Planning Commission.  Members of our LUZ Committee felt that we should continue to allow drive through windows in pharmacies, and banks, to accommodate people who may have trouble walking, or going into a building.  It is important to know that current drive-throughs will still be allowed. The Planning Commission did not approve that change. Nick Norris, Planning Director, provided more information.

After reviewing all this information, and taking public comment, the Planning Commission approved this text amendment, and it will now go to the City Council for final approval.  It will be up to us to convince the City Council to continue to allow a drive-through  if we get a new bank or pharmacy in the CSHBD1 or 2 districts.


The Salt Lake Planning Commission has initiated a petition to amend the zoning ordinance related to drive-through uses within the Sugar House Business District.  The proposed amendment would prohibit drive-through uses in CSHBD1 and CSHBD2.  Read the notice letter to understand the definitions being used. This will be on the SHCC Land Use and Zoning Committee (LUZ) meeting March 20 at 6 pm.

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