Fairmont Park Master Plan

Fairmont Park Master Plan

Fairmont Park has long been a hidden gem in the neighborhood.

About 8 years ago Salt Lake City created a master plan for Fairmont Park, but the plan never got adopted and has sat on a shelf for that entire time. Now it is time to finish this master plan and update it with all the new stuff that has already happened and solidify our community vision for the park. SLC Parks & Public Lands is working to finalize this document and would like your input.

City Parks staff will be at the August 3, 2016 general meeting to discuss the master plan and have provided the following breakdown of projects within the park to help. You can give feedback on the plan below.


Recently completed improvements

  1. New all ages playground
  2. Improved soccer fields

Funded improvements

  1. Improve pond edge to mitigate annual flooding
  2. Develop a fenced off-leash area
  3. Route McClelland Trail through the park
  4. Relocate two tennis/ and or six pickle ball courts and add outdoor fitness equipment

Additional improvements

  1. Enhance main entry to Fairmont Park
  2. Relocate maintenance building
  3. Enhance active recreation with improved facilities and lighting for extended play: soccer, volleyball and basketball
  4. Provide pedestrian scaled lighting on major walkways in park
  5. Enhance secondary entrances to the park
  6. Develop a looped path system
  7. Enhance streetscape and add seating
Landon Clark