Fence Height Special Exception Zoning Amendment

Fence Height Special Exception Zoning Amendment


Update – This was approved by the Planning Commission on January 13. It will now move to City Council for final approval.

Here is a link to the Planning Commission Agenda.

Here is the Planning Commission Staff Report recommending the Planning Commission has the authority to grant a higher fence in certain circumstances.

This is the letter I wrote to the Planning Commission with your comments.

The Salt Lake City Council has initiated a petition to amend the zoning ordinance regulations to remove the Special Exception process that allows for overheight fences and to define instances where a taller fence may be appropriate and approved by right.

The amendment would limit fence, wall and hedge heights to four feet in front yards and six feet in side and rear yard, with a few specific instances.  Those instances include public facilities and recreation facilities where a greater height is necessary to protect public safety, private game courts, and construction fencing.

The redlined ordinance below will help you see the changes, and the clean draft gives you the proposed revised ordinance.

Redlined Draft Ordinance Amending Fence Height Special Exceptions

Clean Draft Ordinance Amending Fence Height Special Exceptions

In general, standard fence heights are a good idea.  But there is the occasional time, when a new apartment building is put up next door to you, that you would appreciate a taller fence to help maintain a bit of privacy in your backyard.

Please read the ordinance, and give me your feedback on the attached form.  I will send comments with my letter to the Planning Commission.

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