Granite Block Demolitions

Granite Block Demolitions

HIghland May 2015 bwAt this time the property owner has not formally filed any development project with the city. Therefore we have limited information. Below are drawings given to us by the property owner of their project. They have attended a Land Use & Zoning Committee on February 8th to get feedback from the community. To date the only information we have on this project is the following:

“No name has been selected for the project.  First and second level footprint approx. 30,000 sf.  Footprint of levels above second, approx. 23,000 sf.  Building height will not exceed that allowed in the zone.  Total sf approx. 150,000.  We anticipate three levels of underground parking and approx. parking 450 stalls.”


Mecham Phase 2 003 Mecham Phase 2 002

Mecham Phase 2 001

The properties owned by Craig Mecham on Highland Dr (Sugar House Furniture and Fats) are slated for demolition. He also has a demolition permit for the 3rd building to the north of these, but may be waiting to take that building down. It is unclear.

Mecham has not filed anything with the city to formally begin the public engagement process. However, he has requested to come to the next Land Use & Zoning Committee meeting to present the plans. Unfortunately, we have nothing to put up for public review at this time. As soon as we are given drawings and plans they will go up on this page.


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Landon Clark