Sugarmont Apartments

Sugarmont Apartments

View of Building Exterior with Landscaping, Benches, and Windows at Sugarmont Apartments Sugarmont Apartments are finally completed!  We reviewed them initially in July of 2016, and now is June of 2022 and they are finally complete!!!

New plans have been received for the proposed Sugarmont Apartments development (2189 S McClelland St).

The petitioner will be invited to present at our Land Use and Zoning committee meeting July 18, 2016 (Sprague Library, 6:00 pm) and our general meeting August 3, 2016 (Sprague Library 7:00 – 9:00 pm). The Salt Lake City Planning Commission is the decision making body on this project and will be looking at the comments to help inform their decision.

All documents provided to us by the city will be attached below. This is a lot of information, but we want to ensure that residents have access to all drawings.

The proposed development has the following key information:

85 feet tall
352 apartment units
34 – studio
206 – 1 bedroom
93 – 2 bedroom
19 – townhomes
460 parking stalls

This is a big project and there is a lot of planning code and guidelines that can help focus our comments. Please take a moment to go over those to increase the impact of your comments. We have this opportunity to try and make this project better through community involvement. We are being asked to provide feedback on a Conditional Use and Site Design application and a Planned Development application.

We have also been informed of the following:

“The project as proposed does not currently meet all of the standards of the Zoning Ordinance in the southwest area of the project at the corner of Sugarmont and McClelland Streets. The ordinance requires that a street facing façade must step back after 30 feet in height. The developer is instead proposing to have a flat wall on a portion of the south facing wall with no step back. Also, that portion of the project exceeds the maximum front yard setback of 15 feet as the future streetcar extension is planned to cut through a portion of the property. Attached is his letter justifying the request.”  Sugarmont Apt Justification Letter

Conditional Building and Site Design Comment Guidelines
Planned Development Comment Guidelines

At this time many of the documents need to be individually downloaded and scanned in for us to provide them on the website. We will continue to include additional drawings. To see all the information about the project read the Concept Site Plan.

You can also send us a comment with the form below and we will incorporate that into our report to the planning commission.

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Landon Clark