Harmons Brickyard Fuel Center

Harmons Brickyard Fuel Center

UPDATE* This project was approved at the planning commission.

An application has been submitted to add a fuel center in the parking lot of the existing Harmon’s Brickyard Grocery store.  The existing use is a grocery store parking lot.  The fuel center will consist of a canopy approximately 107’-6” long and 24’ wide, underground fuel tanks and an unmanned kiosk that is 6’ wide x 12’ long.

This project will be presented at the November 21st  Land Use & Zoning committee meeting at Sprague Library at 6:00 pm. It will also be presented in a shorter time frame at the December 7th general SHCC meeting at Sprague Library at 7:00 pm.

Read the Site Plan and other zoning information here.


You can comment below if you are unable to make these meetings.

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Landon Clark