Help save SLC’s vintage signs!

Help save SLC’s vintage signs!

Help us locate SLC’s historic signs by using the SLC Mobile app!

Salt Lake City is made up of unique neighborhoods and business districts. One key element that contributes to a neighborhood or district’s character is the presence of vintage signs. These signs reflect a unique time in the development of Salt Lake City through their creative use of shape, hand-lettering, mechanical animation, or lighting technique. 

Salt Lake City’s zoning code makes it difficult to adapt these signs to new purposes when their sites are redeveloped or the original business relocates. The Salt Lake City Planning Division is developing changes to the zoning code to allow for the continued retention, restoration, and reuse of these important objects – and we need your help.

Whenever you see a vintage sign that is unique or worth saving – using the SLC Mobile app!

  1. Open the SLC Mobile App and click “Create Request”
  2. Select “Create Photo/Audio/Video”
  3. Take a picture of the sign and verify that the app has located it accurately.
  4. Select “Vintage Sign” report type.
  5. Enter some information about the sign and submit it to us!

Your contributions will help us better understand what the community values as we draft changes to the zoning code.

Landon Clark