HERITAGE LOFTS 909 East 2700 South and 2669 S 900 East

HERITAGE LOFTS 909 East 2700 South and 2669 S 900 East

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HERITAGE LOFTS is  a new project being built on the north east corner of 900 East and 2700 South.  This is a permitted  use application, so there will be no public review.  This project will have a total of 32 residential units and 790 square feet of commercial retail on the ground floor level.  The buildings will be 29 feet tall, and will include 27 underground parking stalls.

Because the project involves two buildings and two lots, two separate permits were issued: BLD2018-11669 (address 909 E 2700 S) and BLD2018-11670 (2699 S 900 E). Planning approved two special exceptions for underground encroachment, for where the parking garage extended into the required front yards (PLNPCM2018-00772 & PLNPCM2018-00800), as well as two lot consolidations to combine 4 parcels into 2 parcels (PLNSUB2018-00771 & PLNSUB2018-00784) and one lot line adjustment between the 2 parcels (PLNSUB2018-00770).

Other than the special exceptions for underground encroachment, the project complied with the standards of the CN zoning district an was permitted by right.  These impacts were reviewed by neighbors and those across the street, because they are the ones that will experience immediate impacts, according to Salt Lake City Planning.

If you drive by the site, you can see that demolition has begun.  They have not yet been issued a building permit.

Judi Short