How to get agendas, watch or participate in a City Council meeting.

How to get agendas, watch or participate in a City Council meeting.

Accessing the Meeting Agendas

To help with navigating our agenda webpage, here are some tips and helpful notes:

  1. To access meeting materials, such as paperwork or presentations, visit our agenda portal.
  • HTML Agenda: In your web browser, this opens in a new tab or window that includes the meeting agenda and supporting documents (staff reports and transmittals from the Mayor’s Administration).
    • This view will also show the meeting video once the meeting has started.
    • If an agenda item includes documents, a gray paperclip icon will appear to the left of the item, near the agenda item number.
  • Agenda: Download a PDF of the agenda only.
  • Meeting Materials: Download a PDF of the agenda and supporting documents
  • Please note: Depending on your settings, especially on mobile devices, if you click on the PDF agenda link your system may require a PDF download. Select the HTML Agenda option if you would prefer to not download any materials.
  • Previous meetings are also available on the agenda portal. Upcoming meetings are listed first. Scroll down to view past meetings.

How to watch or participate in a City Council Meeting

Members of the public are encouraged to participate in meetings. We want to make sure everyone interested in the City Council meetings can still access the meetings how they feel most comfortable. If you are interested in watching the City Council meetings, they are available on the following platforms:

If you are interested in participating during the Formal Meeting for the Public Hearings or general comment period, you may do so through the Webex platform. To learn how to connect through Webex, or if you need call-in phone options, please visit our website or call us at 801-535-7607 to learn more.

As always, if you would like to provide feedback or comment, please call us or send us an email:

More info and resources can be found at:

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