Meeting Minutes, April 6, 2016

Meeting Minutes, April 6, 2016

Trustees Present: Mike Bagley, Sally Baraclough, Amy Barry, Stacey Carroll, Landon Clark, Sue Ann Jones, Michael Kavanagh, Benny Keele, Steve Kirkegaard, Susan Koelliker, Joedy Lister, Eric McGill, Larry Migliaccio, Judi Short, Jason Smurthwaite,  Rawlins Young, Bryce Williams

Trustees Excused: Teddy Anderson, Tina Escobar-Taft, Deborah Henry, Topher Horman, Maggie Shaw

Trustees Unexcused: Laurie Bray, Lucy Hawes, David Mulder, Natalie Watkins


Meeting called to order by Amy Barry, SHCC Chair at 7:00 PM

Minutes Approved. Sally made the motion and it was seconded by Judi.

Secretary Report: Bryce Williams

-Bryce announced that Deb Henry’s term would expire at the end of May.

Bryce also reminded the trustees to contact him or Amy if they were going to be absent. Judi and Sally have been receiving a lot of those and they should be going to him and Amy as Secretary and Chair.

Chair Announcements: Amy Barry

-Love Utah, Give Utah raised a little over $1,600.00

-Amy also gave thanks to Carole Straughn who chose not to renew her term with the council. Carole plans on staying on the POST committee.


Community Announcements:

-Amy mentioned her meeting with Det. Ashdown and expressed her gratitude for his work thus far. Amy encouraged the audience to send questions to Det. Ashdown before the meeting so that he can come prepared to answer the questions.

-A community member mentioned her work with a neighborhood watch around Highland High School. There is a Facebook page: Highland High Neighborhood Watch where residents can discuss the issues around the Highland High area. Discussions have been had with staff at Highland High about the students hanging out around Sugar House Park and the fires and perceived illegal activity happening around the pavilions.

-Sue Ann mentioned Comcast Cares Day happening at Highland High on Saturday, April 30th. She encouraged the council to come out and participate.


Crime Report: Detective Ashdown

-Detective Ashdown is our new Police Liaison. He is getting to know the area and is seeing burglary as a common crime in District 7.

-Auto theft has also been a common theme. 90s model Hondas and Subaru’s seem to be the most common. If you email the auto theft unit, a program is available where a club can be provided for these vehicles, free of charge.

-Sugar House will get the bike unit back (4 officers) as of May 1st.

-Amy advocated the desire for some crosswalk stings. A lot of people are speeding through crosswalks in the Sugar House area. Detective Ashdown committed to looking into the issue.



21st and 21st update: John Anderson

-Public engagement started last year. Business owners, community members etc have been engaged with an open house.

– Looking at public spaces, parks, and developments.

-More feedback could be provided through Open City Hall.

-Building height and pedestrian safety has been the most common concerns presented.

-People want to see the area cleaned up. Not happy with state of the buildings and the sidewalks. Wanting wider sidewalks. People do not want to see the area turn into another Sugar House Business district. Desire for something more like 9th and 9th area.

-An audience member expressed a strong opposition to apartments being built in the area. The same audience member mentioned green and red stickers at the open house and thinking residents may be thinking they are voicing their opinions with that process. John said that they count and are being looked at, but will bring it back to address the concern that voices aren’t being heard in that manner, but specific feedback is appreciated.


Fire Station 3 Design Review for Conditional Use Permit: David Gellner and Kevin Blaylock

– Proposal of building would be adjacent to Forest Dale Golf Course.

-Zoned PL (Public Lands) which allows for a fire station.

–  Building will have a small space for police presence, potentially access for the bike patrol.

– A multipurpose room will also be present in the new building. Could be used for public meeting space, conferences for fire fighters, or even a hub for emergency response in case of a natural disaster.

-The building will also generate power for the building and will receive net zero certification.

-Sally asked about space off of the community room for a bathroom. It was not explicit in the plan.

-An audience member expressed that the building design does not match the historic feel of the club house and other buildings nearby.

– An audience member also stated that the building did not have any character and does not match the feel of the community.  Amy also mentioned that she did not feel that the Sugar House Master Plan was considered based on the lack of similar feel to the neighborhood.


3120 S. Richmond Rezone- Proposal to Build Strip Mall: Bob Wilde and Daniel Echivarre

-Parcel near the University Credit Union

-Current use is not ADA compliant.

-An audience member mentioned that the sidewalks outside the current development does not allow room for people to pass or accommodate residents with walkers motorized assistance vehicles to pass.


Trolley Wing Company- Request for Social Club Liquor License:

-2150 S. 900 E.

-Been a business for 14 years. Used to be in a Trolley Cart at Trolley Square Mall.

–  Currently a restaurant which determines how much food must be sold to how much liquor. Also open to kids.

-Trying to differentiate themselves from Buffalo Wild Wings to a full functioning 21+ older establishment.

– Questions were asked about noise level and outdoor televisions and how it would impact the residential areas right near company. There wasn’t an audible difference with the TVs on and off. Agreement has been made to turn the TVs off at 10 PM.

City Report: Lisa Adams

-Lisa reiterated that we will get a bike control.

-The petition for 9th and Ramona has since been withdrawn.

-Benny mentioned a notice around Easter for water to be shut off in his neighborhood for a pipe leak. Benny emailed Lisa and Mayor Biskupski and they took care of it.

-Joedy asked about the conditions of the streets in the city. The streets have been identified as one of the top 3 priorities of the City Council.


Library Updates: Mary Maloney:

-Mary mentioned the Stuffed Animal Sleepover the library is putting on. This will take place on April 8th.

-April 26th Money Smart programs on budgeting and investment at Sprague Branch Library.

-Library system is still in search for a new system wide director.

-April 28th: Introduction to Finding Non-Profit Grants class.


Meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM.










Landon Clark