Meeting Minutes, August 3, 2016

Meeting Minutes, August 3, 2016

Trustees Present: Sally Barraclough, Mike Bagley,  Amy Barry, Laurie Bray, Landon Clark, Deb Henry, Topher Horman, Sue Ann Jones, Michael G. Kavanagh, Steve Kirkegaard, Joedy Lister, Eric McGill, , Larry Migliaccio, Judi Short, Jason Smurthwaite, Rawlins Young, Bryce Williams

Trustees Excused: Teddy Anderson, Tina Escobar-Taft, Benny Keele, David Mulder, Maggie Shaw,

Trustees Unexcused: Stacey Carroll, Lucy Hawes, Susan Koelliker, Natalie Watkins


Meeting called to order by Steve Kirkegaard, SHCC Vice Chair

Sally Barraclough moved to approve the minutes. Amy Barry seconded. Minutes approved.


Secretary Report: Bryce Williams

-Bryce passed around an attendance sheet so the trustees could see their attendance. Bryce reminded the council that 3 unexcused absences could be grounds for a trustees position to be filled by another interested party.

-Bryce reminded trustees to contact him or Amy Barry if they would be missing the meeting.

-Bryce will also be contacting the trustees who have 3 unexcused absences to check in with them in regards to their interest in serving as a trustee.


Fundraising Motion for the Sugar House Community Council

-The executive committee has proposed selling coasters with Sugar House images on them. They will sell for $30 for a set of 4.

-The motion reads:  The SHCC executive committee is authorized to spend $800 to purchase 200 coasters for the purpose of raising funds for the general account of the Sugar House Community Council. 

-The motion was approved unanimously.


SHCC Booth at the Sugar House Farmers Market

-Eric McGill suggested that the council have a booth at the Sugar House farmers market for the rest of the year. The booth would need to be staffed by at least 1 member of the council. There is a time conflict for two of the markets being during the community council meeting.

-A sign up sheet was passed around for those interested in staffing the booth.


Treasurer Report: Larry Migliaccio

-The account stands at $ 5783.73

-Had an expense for the storage unit which was $38.00


Community Announcements

Fire Report, Station 3

-230 calls in the month of July and  1,338 calls year to date.

-Cadet program for youth and exposing them to careers in firefighting. 14-18 year old children attending high school in Salt Lake.

-The fire department encourages people and families to practice fire drills and exit plans in their homes.

– Fire department encourages everyone to stay hydrated and minimize time outside when it is hot.

-Any firework disturbances should be reported to SLC Police at the non-emergency line: 801-799-3000.


Public Safety Report, Detective Ashdown

-Detective Ashdown first of all encouraged everyone to contact him with any questions in the future.

-A concern about Spice sales in Fairmont Park came up. The audience asked for more support in Fairmont park to address this issue.

-Michael addressed individuals parking in the disability designated spots near fairmont park. Det Ashdown did state that parking tickets can be issued and he will address that with the officers working the market.



Fairmont Park Master Plan Update- Nancy Monteith, SLC Parks

-6 years ago a public process was created for a Master Plan for Fairmont park that designated the desired improvements for the neighborhood and the park.

-One update to the park would be a dog park and funding does exist. Possible options of splitting the dog park between big dogs and smaller dogs.

-Two soccer fields have already been updated in the park.

-A new playground has already been implemented.

-City has money for improvements to the pond to address flooding of the pond.

-Funding exists to relocate 2 tennis courts to the southern end of the park which could also be painted to be utilized as pickle ball courts.

-McClellan trail will eventually be routed through the park.

-The city is also looking at enhancing entrances to the park and making them more user friendly.

-Looking to implement multiple use trails in the park to get people moving around including a 5K route.

-Topher mentioned that a basketball proposal for the park is on the mayors desk.

-A community member mentioned that there is not any shade over the playgrounds. Nancy mentioned that the city will look at adding some shade to these spots.


Sugarmont Apartments, Boulder Adventures

-Development on the Granite Furniture block.

– One of the design goals was to create a building that was harmonious with the feel of Sugar House.

-Public lighting, trees, benches, etc to create a welcoming space on the Granite block and the public passage way to Monument Plaza.

-Will be 352 units.

-Proposed as an 8 story building from 10 and 85 feet high from 105 feet.

–  Development will create need for 460 parking spaces.


Committee Reports

Land Use and Zoning, Judi Short

-The Planning Commission approved SH Fire Station design July 13.
-On August 9, the City Council will hold a Public Hearing for the rezone of 2036 and 2036 South 1300 East from R/O to CB.  These lots will be used as a parking lot for a future CVS pharmacy to be built where the car wash is at 2100 South and 1300 East.
-On August 10, at 7 p.m. in room 315 of the City Building, the Planning Commission will hold a public hearing for the project at 640 East Wilmington Avenue.  This is a proposal to build  70 town homes has been submitted to Salt Lake City for the property located at 640 E Wilmington Ave. There are 9 different structures and each of them will be 35′ in height. A total of 79 parking stalls are proposed for the residents and 9 for visitors within the development.  (see our website for details).
At the July LUZ meeting, we heard a presentation by Boulder Ventures to build theSugarmont Apartments at 2189 S McClelland Street.  This development will be 85 feet tall, have 352 apartment units,(34 – studio, 206 – 1 bedroom, 93 – 2 bedroom, and 19 townhouse, and 460 parking stalls for tenants.  No parking for any retail customers.  For more details, see the proposal on our
-We recently received a proposal for a Marriott Springhill Suites hotel to be located east of the former Toys R Us store and west of TacoBell.  This will be a 126 room 6 story hotel.  The applicant is requesting a Planned Development due to the modifications to the building step-back requirements for public streets along Wilmington Avenue where the parking garage entrance will be. Other modifications to the glass frontage requirements, occupiable street facing uses, and, public open space are being sought through the Conditional Building and Site Design Review process.  More details our our website
-And, the SHCC has received official notice that Craig Mecham has filed to construct an office building The Dixon Medical Building at the site where Fats Grill was located. This project will also include the demolition of the current Dixon Building currently home to Omar’s, One World Gift, etc.
-This development is solely for office space and the University of Utah medical clinic will be the primary tenant. This will include an ambulatory drop off and pick up area, which requires a conditional use regarding the set back. You can read the Dixon Medical Bldg Project Description and the Dixon Medical Bldg Site Plan to get more information. We have asked for better renderings and were told that they would have them available at the LUZ meeting.
This project will be comprised of the following: 105′ in height,150,000 square feet of office space, 3 levels of underground parking
300 parking spaces are required they will have 432 spaces.
The original Tap Room will remain in place and open for business.
The Agenda for the SHCC Land Use and Zoning meeting at 6 p.m. on August 15 will be:
  • Springhill Suites, and
  • Dixon Medical Building


Transportation, Larry Migliaccio

-August 15th at 7:00 PM. Director of UBER of Utah will talk about UBER’s vision of transportation in the future.

-S-Line ridership is going up steadily. Ridership on Sunday is especially high.


Arts and Culture, Laurie Bray

– Sugar House Art Walk from 6-9 PM on Friday, August 12th.


Historic Signs. Joedy Lister

-There is an app that provides a walking tour of the the historic signs in Sugar House. Can be found at Utah Heritage Walks on Apple Store or Google Play Store. It is a free app.


Spotlight on Business: G.P Studio- 2690 S Highland Dr Ste A -George Karahalios

-Been in business in the area for over the last 25 years.

-Currently has a main focus on commercial photography and weddings.

-Will shoot various forms of photography and film.


City Updates, Charlie Luke, District 6

-An audience asked about the new homeless shelter sites. The audience member expressed her perception of a large population of those experiencing homelessness despite the comments that 250-300 beds was too large of a shelter. Councilman Luke expressed that he would rather see more transitional housing and multiple smaller facilities to ease the burden on those areas of the city where the facilities will be.

– Councilman Luke expressed the need for infrastructure updates on roads,etc or his belief that it will cost the city a lot of money in the long run.

-Councilman Luke expressed the crime happening at the Skyline Inn on Foothill Drive and 1700 South. There has been a history of crime at this location including 2 SWAT incidents in the last month. A meeting will be coming up with the hotel owner, zoning, and police to bring everyone together and talk through the issues going on. It is a private business, so the city has very little authority there.


Mayors Liaison, Hildegard Koenig

-The city will be doing some work on the 500 West area to remove rocks that were being used as weapons and hiding spots for drugs. The city will also be having more police presence there.

-The city has also implemented portable restrooms near the Rio Grande area. There will be monitoring of cleaning and use in the area.

-City has implemented a parking amnesty program for 90 days. This program will allow individuals to donate $10 or 4 cans of food to wave their parking ticket. City is looking for beneficiary non profits to receive the profits. You can use the hashtag: #slctix to nominate a non profit.


Meeting concluded at 9:00 PM



















Landon Clark