Meeting Minutes, December 2, 2015

Meeting Minutes, December 2, 2015

Trustees Present:  Teddy Anderson, Sally Baraclough, Amy Barry, Laurie Bray, Stacey Carroll, Tina Escobar-Taft, Lucy Hawes, Deb Henry, Topher Horman, Sue Ann Jones, Michael Kavanagh, Benny Keele, Steve Kirkegaard, Susan Koelliker, Joedy Lister, Larry Migliaccio, Maggie Shaw, Judi Short, Carole Straughn, Natalie Watkins, Bryce Williams

Trustees Excused Absent: Landon Clark, David Mulder, Christopher Thomas, Rawlins Young

Meeting was called to order at 7:01 by Amy Barry, SHCC Chair

Approval of minutes: Sally moves to approve. Larry seconds. Minutes approved unanimously.

Secretary Report: Bryce Williams

New petition: Eric McGill, Highland Park

Eric has lived in the Highland Park area for the last decade.  Wants to get involved in his neighborhood. Interested in addressing crime and environmental issues in our local community.

Bryce moved to accept the petition. Carole seconds. Eric was unanimously approved and will officially join the council in January.

Bryce also passed out the attendance roster so the trustees could see their attendance for the year.

Treasurer Report: Larry Migliaccio

Larry gave a current balance of $4,306.75. Expenditures for the month were approximately $375.00.

Chair Announcements: Amy Barry

Amy reminded the trustees about the recommended annual contribution of $60. She reminded the council that it is a tax deductible donation.

There was a motion from the executive committee to purchase a storage unit. Best one found is at Sugar House Self Storage for $30 a month for a 5x8x8. The reason for the storage unit is that different items are stored at different trustees (current and former) and the idea is to have everything in a central location and to be able to allow us to do more than what we are currently limited to.

Topher asked what kind of items would be stored in the storage unit. Judi mentioned maps Sally mentioned that Dave Mulder has a lot of items we use for tabling and outreach events. Amy also mentioned signs and various boxes of materials. Amy stated that the storage unit is an interior unit.

Sally asked who would have keys to the unit ? Amy stated that she will make sure everyone on the executive committee had a key.

Amy made the motion and it was approved unanimously.

Police Report- Det. Lowe:

Detective Lowe reminded us of how to access the crime reports online and shared with us that the police department uses the compstat principle to determine where the drive resources. The website tracks homicide, assault, armed robbery, burglary, thefts, and motor vehicle thefts. Detective Lowe reminded us that we can search specifically by district 7 over that last 7 days. These report covers are updated every Monday.

Detective Lowe also reminded us of the time of year. He reminded us to not leave your car running as well as not leaving shopping items in the trunk of our vehicles.

Detective Lowe also reminded us to not have packages dropped off at our homes, to select the option of having to sign for a package when it is delivered.

Judi reminded us of the Nextdoor App for crime reports. Judi mentioned a man with a backpack who is going up to doors looking for packages or empty homes. Detective Lowe said the routine of this person is to go up to homes and knock on the door If someone is home he will ask if they have seen his missing dog. He then moves on. If he finds someone home, he will skip houses rather than going down to the next home.

Tina mentioned her local neighborhood watch and the use of the Nextdoor app and the productivity of that app.

Public comments for items not on the agenda:

  •  Cabot Nelson mentioned the structures in Fairmont Park. Cabot mentioned that no new developments have happened with the playground there. Amy said that she had heard that the contractors were waiting for the shipment to come in the end of December.

Development Presentations

Amy reminded everyone that the Sugar House Community Council is not the decision makers, that the role of the SHCC is to provide the community with accurate information and to help the community get involved.  There was a committee meeting about these two developments which allowed for more time to discuss these developments. Comment cards are still available. The comment cards get scanned and copied and go to the planning commission which is the decision making body. The SHCC newsletter is a great way to stay informed.

720 E. Ashton Avenue: Ryan

The facility proposed is a care facility for individuals with disabilities, specific for those with mental health disabilities. The program is called the Discover Center. They operate a similar facility in the area. Those living at the facility will be there an average of 9 months. The Discover Center is licensed through the Department of Human Services through the state of Utah. They are also accredited by the Joint Commission on Health Care. Ryan stated the residents of the facility will be supervised 24/7. The goal for the residents is for them to receive treatment and reintegrate into society. Ryan stated there are no plans to change the property except for adding heating and air conditioning systems.

Tina asked about an outdoor camera system and the requirements as a registered historical site. Curt, Director of the Heritage Foundation was asked about the cameras. Curt said there should be some latitude in regards to putting cameras on the property.

Deb thanked Ryan for the way in which he has brought the proposal to the committee meeting as well as the larger group of the Sugar House Community Council

Michael asked where the residents go after they are at the facility. Ryan said there are some apartment style units where the residents can go while interacting with the community, but still receiving some services which is through another program they run.

An community member asked about 90% of the clients being private pay and his view that these clients will not be out on the streets without the facility.  Ryan stated he dd not believe that was true. While many of the patients came from families with more elevated socioeconomic status, many of the family members had run out of resources or willingness to support these family members. There are some scholarships and some who find the means to support this treatment.

Susan asked about the capacity of the facility. Ryan said there is the possibility of 16 residential beds in the home, but more likely 7-9 based on space for offices and therapy sites.

Topher asked why this particular space will be successful for these particular clients. Topher mentioned various drug operations and the correlation of mental health and drug use, but there should be services for this population. Topher asked why Ryan had not gone out to the neighbors beforehand?

Ryan mentioned he didn’t believe a determination should be made on what is a right or wrong neighborhood for a person with a disability and he shouldn’t ask if he can come into that neighborhood.  Amy did mention that Ryan has been present to talk with neighbors to learn about the facility and address their questions.

A neighbor on Windsor Street welcomed Ryan to the neighborhood and thanked him for the services they offer in the community.

George Chapman asked what Ryan was going to do to not fall into drug use when it is easy to obtain them in the area. Ryan mentioned the 24/7 staff and cameras. Ryan also mentioned even though they aren’t there for substance abuse, they are randomly tested 3 times a week.

2189 McClelland Street: Kobi Lucas and Russell Platt

Developers from Bolder Ventures.

The property was bought in 2011. The desire was to create something to work well with the community that was walkable and conducive to the feel of the community. Boulder ventures understands the construction fatigue and the concern about increased traffic to the area. Kobi stated they understand the need for more parking in Sugar House and the effect that the building may have on parking in the area.

Size of the building was one issue brought up. Russell Pratt, Architect addressed some of the questions. Russ stated that updates were to create a walkable space and pathway from the S-Line.  Building still 105 feet tall, but had taken a floor off of the lower level to make it more of a human scale.  Taking out the floor gives up 60 units in the building an thus taking away some of the traffic and parking need, but keeping the same amount of parking already in existence. The changes would create more of a paseo and an open space to the community.

A traffic consultant was hired to conduct a study on the traffic int he area. 16,000 to 18,000 cars daily come through the area. The daily impact would only be 2-4 percent. A privately funded roadway will be built for the project along Wilmington to the commercial traffic.

Larry mentioned the canal relocation. Sally asked if the canal would run under the new roadway or under the green space.  It was said that it would be a combination of both.

Teddy shared her appreciation of the paseo area. Teddy asked how to connect the new paseo to the existing pase area. The plan is to look ahead on how to connect the two. Current issues with ADA accessibility i being looked at and how to connect to monument plaza.

Deb shared her appreciation of having the development adjacent to the S-Line. She also mentioned the concern about lack of diverse housing in the development.   The current plan for unit mix has not been finalized, but is still in flux according to the developers.

Lucy asked about the price point for the various style of apartments in the unit and the various families that may move into these units.  The price points will be looked at and reported back.

A young member of the audience asked why the unit had to be so big? The response was that it had been downsized.

George Chapman shared his concern that the new development doesn’t meet with the vision of Sugar House as a village.

A member of the audience asked about the look and color of the building. Final decisions are still being made on the exterior look of the building.

Committee Reports-

Parks Open Space and Trails-  Sally Barraclough

– The POST committee had a short meeting this month with most time given to Land Use and Zoning

. – The POST committee approved a letter to the City Council in support of funding the Sego Lilly project.

– The committee Discussed the Land Water Conservation Fund. The committee decided to wait on sending a letter until more information is gathered.

-Those interested in pursuing a splash pad in Sugar House Park have decide not to pursue this option, but the committee agreed to be of assistance if they should pursue the option in the future.

Land Use and Zoning- Judi Short

– Judi mentioned that the Land Use and Zoning Meeting to December 14th as opposed to the December 21st meeting.

Transportation- Deb Henry

– Transportation did not meet.

-Deb wanted to remind people to use alternative methods of transportation in terms public transit, biking, and walking.

-Deb also informed us that Salt Lake City is in the middle of studies on parking, transit, cycling and walkability.

-Transportation committee will meet on the 14th at 7:00 PM instead of the 21st.

Arts and Culture- Laurie Bray

-Friday, the 11th is the Sugar House Art Walk from  6 to 9 PM. A lot of good items for sale.

-Sugar House Chamber paid to have the lights on the plaza.

-Community Council sponsored the holiday tree on the plaza.

–  Maggie stated that she was happy the council  went with a real tree because of the wind storm.

-Santa Shack is open and ready for visitors!


Spotlight on Business- Michael Kavanagh

Sugar House Footwear and Apparel – 1944 S. 1100 E.

-Elise West, Manager.  Frank Clay and Charlie Morton, Owners.

-Owners from New Hampshire.

– Been open for about a month.

-Amy welcomed them to the neighborhood.


City Updates- Lisa Adams

-Lisa mentioned that the City Council is very busy.

– There are 2 meetings in December and swearing in for the new council members, Charlie Luke, and Jackie Biskupski will be January 4th.

City Updates- Shawn McDonough

-Homeless Sight Commission has come up with recommendations. They are recommending scattered sites to serve different subgroups of people who experience homelessness such as mental illness, drug addiction, families, single males, etc. They also recommended that Salt Lake City should not be the only location in the state to have services. The scattered sites recommendation was voted on with full approval.

-Shawn brought up the Human Rights Day Celebration. This celebration/fundraiser will be December 10th at the City and County Building.from 6-8PM. Part of the event will have a silent auction. All proceeds go to support translation and workshops for our refugee community. Cost is $25.00.

-Shawn shared with us the Age In Place program. The baby boomer generation is growing in Salt Lake City. By 2050 more older adult 60 plus in age than children under 14.  With age comes the increased age of your home and improvements may be needed. The city has a program where you can get a loan with a low interest rate. You wouldn’t have to pay the loan back until you sell or leave your home. Shawn passed out different quotes that have to do with age.


Meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM















Landon Clark