Meeting Minutes February 5, 2020

SHCC Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes February 5, 2020

Trustees Present: Mike Bagley, Sally Barraclough, Laurie Bray, Jeremy Chatterton, Landon Clark, Mary Clark, Monique Higginson, Benny Keele, Steve Kirkegaard, Rich Knickerbocker, Susan Koelliker, Will Kocher, Dayna McKee, Larry Migliaccio, Lynn Schwarz, Judi Short, Shane Stroud, Chris Sveiven, Levi Thatcher, Adam Weinacker, Erika Wiggins,

Trustees Excused: Melanie Heath, Sue Ann Jones, George Sumner, Meggi Troili, Sue Watson,

Trustees Unexcused:


The meeting was called to order by Landon Clark at 7:09 p.m.

The trustees voted to approve the minutes of the last meeting (December 4, 2019) on a motion by Judi Short and seconded by Mike Bagley.  


Chair Welcome and Announcements – Landon Clark

All attendees were welcomed by Landon Clark. Landon announced that the first all-electric fire truck will be visiting Salt Lake at the Fire Station #3 on 900 South.


Secretary Report – Erika Wiggins

We are looking for trustees to join the council and Erika asked for a volunteer to take minutes at our next meeting. Two new trustee applicants were given an opportunity to speak–Monique Higginson and Brandon Hill. Both received motions and seconds to be accepted onto the Council and both were unanimously approved as new trustees.


Treasurer Report- Mike Bagley

Mike Bagley reports $12,543.71 in the bank account. We had several generous year end donations. Also we have $925.00 in PayPal ready to be transferred into our account. We had expenses of approximately $1,000.00 for our Holiday get together in December and incurred our website cost of $1,300.00. Landon has applied for grant monies to be used for the 2020 Backyard Bash.


Community Announcements

Dayna McKee reports the Backyard Bash is scheduled for August 29th at Fairmont Park. Looking for volunteers and donors. Come out and support the event!


District 7 CIU Detective Cooper Landvatter

Detective Landvatter provides his report. Only thing he is seeing is some upticks in car prowls. SLPD is working on it. As to temporary shelter, too early to tell if there is any increase in calls/crime related to that. Det. Landvatter introduced Richard Wilson who is the new captain over East Liberty Division. Dustin Parks was then introduced. He is the community outreach employee for SLPD. He announced some upcoming events like “Coffee with a Cop” and a upcoming children’s book drive. Folks can donate books for the drive at the Sprague Library or the downtown public safety building.


Beth Thompson of Fairmont Aquatic Center

Fairmont Aquatic and Liberty Park are looking for lifeguards for summer. The lap pool at Fairmont will soon close for repair. An “Easter Egg Dive” is coming up in April.


Boys’ and Girls’ Club – Paul Dunn

Catalytic converters were stolen from the Boys’ and Girls’ Club vans recently. Cost $4,000 to repair. Right now, they are taking vans to Murray every night for safe keeping. Sugar House is a busy club. If anyone has a place where the vans can be stored at night, please reach out to the Club and let them know: 801-322-4411.

The census is coming up! Come work for it. When folks don’t fill out the census, the community doesn’t get tax funds (about $15,000 for each person that isn’t counted). Last census, 25% of folks in Salt Lake County didn’t fill out the census. The pay for census workers is $18 an hour and there is a mileage reimbursement. You can work 5 to 40 hours per week. Go to to apply.


Michael G.’s Spotlight on Business

The Council turned to Michael G’s “Spotlight on Business.” Zach from Minneapolis was introduced to talk about a new Target planned for the Sugar House shopping center. It is a small concept store. These small format stores are aimed at making sure residents don’t leave their communities for their daily shopping needs. So, geared toward immediate needs and not stocking up: groceries, beauty and essentials, some home décor, and some apparel. There will be a CVS pharmacy in the store. Folks interested in working at the new store can apply at Target’s website. The store is slated to open in October of this year.


Utah Open Lands: Hidden Hollow

Kat Maus, outreach director, and Seychelle Marcus, project coordinator, for Utah Open Lands spoke about this nonprofit land trust and the work that has been done and is ongoing in Hidden Hollow. Also, they spoke regarding the organization’s activities regarding the protection of open space throughout our Utah. Watch for a future music festival in Hidden Hollow. Visit for more information regarding this festival. A reminder was given that people can donate money and or time to the organization at the website. Laurie Brae took a moment to give a shout out to Sally Barraclough who was very important in the development and preservation of Hidden Hollow property.


Salt Lake City Mayor Mendenhall

Mayor Mendenhall is introduced. She addresses the inland port litigation. The City is appealing the district court’s dismissal of the City’s lawsuit to the Utah appellate courts. The Utah League of Cities and Towns is supporting the appeal. Mayor Mendenhall is hopeful Utah cities and towns might file amicus briefs supporting the City’s position.

As to the inland port legislation, there is currently no appetite to introduce a bill to repeal the inland port statute. Not a political reality. The mayor does believes that there is likely to be legislation that involves some portion of the inland port every year. Perhaps the City could enter into a contract to protect the cities interests which wouldn’t be subject to being overturned by the legislature.

Talk turns to the Sugar House Temporary Shelter. Mayor Mendenhall talks about how folks can use the shelter (check in, etc.). Councilwoman Fowler addresses a question from a community member and confirms that, in addition to checking in at the Weigand Center, folks can “walk up” to the temporary shelter and gain access to services.

The mayor and a representative of the RDA address how the old DI site will be redeveloped after the shelter closes. The City and RDA are still trying to figure out how to redevelop the land. A community member suggests it might be a good place for a maintenance shed for the Sugar House business district and local parks.

The mayor confirms that the shelter will be temporary per the ordinance passed by the City Council. A community member expresses her opinion that the site should not be used for more luxary housing. Councilwoman Fowler expresses her support for affordable housing and permanent supportive housing. Mayor Mendenhall relates the city has spent $37 million on affordable housing in the last decade while the State has not prioritized affordable housing.

A community member raises a concern about increased development’s effect on traffic congestion. Mayor Mendenhall  agrees and addresses the City’s plan for growth to tackle the problem. The State is too reliant on single-occupancy vehicles. She is working with the State to align UDOT/UTA to increase the use and functionality of public transportation.

The mayor speaks to Allen Park. The City tried to purchase the property but they were not selected as the buyer. The mayor addresses how the property can be developed (for example, there can be no development within 25 feet of the high water mark along the creek that runs through the park). Because the sale of the property hasn’t closed, the City hasn’t received any applications for development.

A community member says his understanding is the property is under contract. He asks who selected the buyer of the property. He understands a court appointed entity has made this deal with the developer. Danny from the RDA understands an executor of an estate is making the decisions as to the property’s sale.

Another community member asks if there is a mechanism to put a hold on the sale until the inheritors are consulted. Danny from the RDA says he doesn’t think so. He understands the property is moving through the probate courts.

Another community member expresses her concern that Allen Park will be developed. A large percentage of the attendees raise their hands to indicate they are at the meeting because of interest in Allen Park. The community member asks what the community can do to protect Allen Park from development.

Mayor Mendenhall expresses she wants to preserve the park but she doesn’t know if there is anything that can be done right now. When the new owner wants to develop it, she is certain there will be city processes and that might present an opportunity for community members to address their concerns. Judy Short from the SHCC says the Council has considered making Allen Park a subcommittee of the SHCC land use committee. Will Kocher of the SHCC encourages community members to reach out to Judy about their concerns.

Mayor Mendenhall thanks community members for their attendance.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:58 p.m.


Erika Wiggins

Erika Wiggins is local Realtor, a Trustee for the Sugar House Community Council, and Co-Chair of the Sugar House Chamber. An avid writer, her byline has appeared in Huffington Post, Forbes, Business Insider, Liftopia and others. She was also a writer for Ski Utah for six years. Erika lives in Sugar House with her husband Steve. They own several businesses in the neighborhood and share a deep love for the community. She specializes in selling property in historic enclaves of Salt Lake City.