Meeting Minutes, July 6, 2016

Meeting Minutes, July 6, 2016

Trustees Present:  Sally Barraclough, Mike Bagley, Amy Barry, Laurie Bray, Landon Clark, Michael G. Kavanagh, Steve Kirkegaard, Joedy Lister, Eric McGill, Larry Migliaccio, David Mulder, Maggie Shaw, Judi Short, Jason Smurthwaite

Trustees Excused: Bryce Williams, Deb Henry, Topher Horman, Susan Koelliker,

Trustees Unexcused:Teddy Anderson, Stacey Carroll, Tina Escobar-Taft, Lucy Hawes, Sue Ann Jones, Benny Keele, Rawlins Young, Natalie Watkins

Meeting called to order at 7:00 by Maggie Shaw, SHCC 1st Vice Chair.

Dave Mulder moved to approve the minutes, Mike Bagley seconded. Minutes unanimously approved, no corrections.

Secretary Report: Sally Barraclough for Bryce Williams:

-Deb Henry has asked to renew her petition as a trustee on the council. Landon moved to accept the petition. Mike Bagley seconded. Petition was approved unanimously.

Treasurer Report: Larry Migliaccio:  

-$5746.24 in the bank.  That includes 23 cents interest and $165.36 in donations.

-Expenses included $38.00 for storage unit payment, and $48.40 for the Fairmont Park Playground Opening Celebration.

Mayor’s Report: Jackie Biskupski:

-Mayor Biskupski attended the meeting to answer questions. She is making her way around to community councils and senior centers to address issues in the city.

-Mayor Biskupski was thanked for her work alongside Amy Barry and Lisa Adams on their work to make sure the Ute Car Wash demolition happened.

-Mayor Biskupski expressed her concern about the rapid growth in Sugar House without the consideration for transportation in the neighborhood. Mayor Biskupski also expressed the importance of Sugar House being a walkable neighborhood.

-Mayor Biskupski shared that studies were done on the street car location and that if the community is interested in transit, that further studies and research must be done to assess the street car. Ridership is low to the Mayor, but usage is increasing.

-Amy expressed the disconnect between the need for crosswalks, flashing signs, etc and when they are actually installed.

-Sally asked about implementing more one way streets in Salt Lake City to control traffic. The mayor stated that there are studies that need to be done before something like a one way street is initiated.

-Larry mentioned that the public perception is that their is not enough parking in Sugar House and part of the problem is that there are so many different entities running parking in the area.

Community Announcements

Fire Department Update, Station 3

-Overall department hired 5 new firefighters.

-Being that it is firework season it is important to know that you can light off fireworks from July 1-7 and July 21-27 until 11 PM.

-205 calls over the last month. lists all the information and safety precautions you need to know for fireworks.

Public Safety Report, Detective Ashdown

-Crime numbers in district 7 are down overall.

-Bike thefts are a common occurrence in the district. Detective Ashdown encouraged people to register their Bikes. Amy encouraged a mobile registration since the hours are not as friendly for individuals who work.

Just Don’t Quit Foundation

-Non profit organization that works with tennis and basketball athletes in wheelchairs.

-Looking to make tennis courts near the Boys and Girls club more functional and intentional  for athletes in wheelchairs.

-Trying to incorporate tennis players who are both not in and in wheelchairs to play together.

-A community member suggested connecting with Salt Lake Swim and Tennis.


640 E. Wilmington Ave Development, Cowboy Partners

-70 unit development.

-Front of the development along 600 east as per public feedback.

-The developers are looking at utilizing the space available to make it more inviting to the streetcar area.

-Added room for electrical vehicle stalls on site.

– Concerns were brought up about parking in the area.and who would have priority with the increased number of cars that would need to park in the area.

-There would be a public walkway from the development to the streetcar area.


Library Updates, Cherie Kofoed

-Sounds of Summer every Thursday evening at 7:30 PM at Sprague Branch Library.







Landon Clark