Meeting Minutes, June 1, 2016

Meeting Minutes, June 1, 2016

Trustees Present: Mike Bagley,  Amy Barry, Laurie Bray, Stacey Carroll, Landon Clark, Tina Escobar-Taft, Michael Kavanagh, Steve Kirkegaard, Joedy Lister,  Eric McGill, Larry Migliaccio, David Mulder, Judi Short, Rawlins Young, Bryce Williams

Trustees Excused: Sally Barraclough, Deborah Henry, Topher Horman, Sue Ann Jones, Benny Keele, Maggie Shaw,

Trustees Unexcused: Teddy Anderson, Lucy Hawes, Susan Koelliker, Natalie Watkins, Jason Smurthwaite


Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM by Amy Barry, SHCC Chair

Minutes approved.unanimously. Dave made the motion and Stacey seconded the motion.


Treasurer Report, Larry Migliaccio

-Current Balance is $5,649.50


Chair Announcements: Amy Barry

– Amy noted that a temporary holiday committee would be formed. Anyone interested in serving in that capacity should contact Amy.

-Amy also noted that the grand opening of the playground at Fairmont Park would be June 10th from 3-5 PM. There will also be some outreach happening for the Fairmont Park Masterplan.

-Amy informed the council that a series of workshops on homelessness would be hosted by the city. The first is June 13th from  6-8 PM at the Sorenson Center.

-A signup sheet was passed around for the Sugar House Community Council booth.

Community Announcements

Crime Report, Detective Ashdown

-Det. Ashdown reminded people of the NextDoor app. The police department has an idea of who the guy is.

-31 officers in field training about to be released on their own.

-Business burglaries are up 80% from last year, but home burglaries are down 10% and car burglaries are also down.

-Detective Ashdown reminded the council that the bike patrol is out and about. Any problems such as skateboarders on Monument Plaza should be reported. The fine for skateboarding is around $90.


Public Comments Not on the Agenda

-Jason Stevenson, candidate for Salt Lake School board came by and introduced himself.


Sugar House Park Update, George Sumner

-Sugar House Park is run by the Sugar House Park Authority which is a non-profit organization.It is not run by the county or the city.

-There is a 100 year lease on the space with at least 50 years left on the lease.

-Board meets once a month- 6 PM on the 2nd Thursday of the month. These are open meetings.

-The Park Authority has been working on updating the bathrooms and adding a third.

-Pavilions will be replaced, there was effort put into refurbishing them, but there are too many uncertainties.

-George noted that the pond needs some work.  For pond funding, the Sugar House Park Authority have applied for ZAP (Zoo, Arts ,and Parks) funding.

-Small events in the park have to come and present to the board. The board wants to keep the park free. The exception would be pavilion rentals or things such as 5Ks where public safety, sanitation, etc.

-The 4th of July fireworks will be happening this year thanks to collaboration with the Sugar House Chamber.


Mayor’s Liaison, Hildegard Koenig

-Salt Lake City International Airport will be transitioning into a smoke free airport by removing the smoking rooms.

-Homelessness workshops will be the following dates: June 13th at the Sorenson Unity Center, June 15th at the Leonardo, ,June 16th at Dilworth Elementary, June 20th at the Marmalade Branch Library. All workshops will be from 6-8 PM.

-Tina inquired about more information on Abdi Mohamed case. Hildegard mentioned that she is new and will get a response from the Mayor to report back.


SLC Planning- Fire Station #3, David Gellner

-The designers have come to the council to seek additional feedback on the building.

-Design documents won’t be finalized until right before the holidays.

-The building will be 18,000 square feet and net-zero.

-Some community members expressed that they were not in favor of the design as it did not match the architecture, materials or colors of other surrounding buildings while other community members said that design should not be a factor as the buildings purpose is to house professionals whose responsibility and purpose is to protect and save lives.


974 E. 2100 S. Apartment Development. John Gardiner

-This development would go where the current Subway sandwich shop and the strip mall with Utah-Idaho supply.

– 127 Units of housing over 5 stories and covered parking.

-Concerns by community members were brought up that there is so much traffic on 2100 S and that 1000 E is more of a business area and not a residential area. In addition there was belief that there should be retail included in the project due to being in a business area.

-Rents start at $950 a month for the units.


Green Urban Lunchbox, Jessica Collette-

-Salt Lake City based non-profit.

-Seek to reduce food waste and provide access to food.

-Fruit waste program is one of the programs. Register trees with their program for volunteers to come and harvest any fruit which will be split between home owner, volunteers, and fruit share program.

-They also offer a farmer training program.

-Mobile farmers market will be taken to low income areas in the city.

-They also have a bus that has been converted into a mobile greenhouse.


City Updates, Lisa Adams-District 7

-Special Assessment Areas will be covered in the Salt Lake Tribune. Explaining Special Assessment areas is very complicated.  These areas were determined a number of years ago where people wanted more lighting. Some areas were getting more expensive to maintain. Council concluded these areas weren’t working. Three new areas and the city council is looking into bonding, but it won’t effect you if you don’t live in those areas. Main goal is to implement efficient lights.

-The Ute Car Wash will be assessed to determine if a demolition permit will be issued.

-Public hearing on zoning change int he Sugar House Street Car Corridor. Council will let the public comment. Lisa is working with the council to lower the 105 ft zoning limit.

-Lisa mentioned that she is working on catching up with emails and will respond as soon as she can.


Library Updates, Cherie Kofoed

-The  Super Summer Reading Challenge is kicking off the first Saturday in June. (June 4)


Meeting adjourned at 8:57 PM



























Landon Clark