SHCC Meeting Minutes


Sugar House Community Council Trustee Meeting Minutes – June 5, 2019


Trustees Present: Mike Bagley, Landon Clark, Deborah Henory, Steve Kirkegaard, Rich Knickerbocker, Dayna McKee, Dayna McKee, Judi Short, Meggi Trioli, Levi Thatcher, Adam Weinacker, Erika Wiggins, Rawlins Young.

Trustees Excused: Sally Barraclough, Laurie Bray, Jeremy Chatterton, Mary Clark, Sue Ann Jones, Susan Koelliker, Will Kocher, Larry Migliaccio, Benjamin Sessions, Shane Stroud, George Sumner.

Trustees Unexcused: Andrew Dale, Benny Keele, Chris Sveiven.

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm by Landon Clark, Chair SHCC. A motion to approve last month’s minutes was made by Adam Weinacker and a 2nd by Judi  Short  motion and approved.



Hannah Barton, Constituent Liaison for Rep. McAdams. Hannah lives in Sugar House and is interested in hearing the issues of interest to the SHCC. Mock Mayor Debate July 16th 6-8pm in the Westminster Performing Arts Center.

Sugar Alley – Alex and Benjamin Lowe

Brought renderings for public. 16,000s/f of retail with year-round atrium plaza open to the public. Create a retail street with cooperation from neighbors. There will be 182 high-end residential units with a lot of amenities, mostly 1- and 2-bedroom units. Plan to be long term owners and are based in Sugar House. Submitting drawings this month, plan to break ground toward year-end 2019 and finish in about two years.

Community Announcements

Fire Station #3 – Firefighter/Paramedic

Fireworks only allowed July 2-5, 22-25, plus hour restrictions. Posted on website.

Wild/Urban interface fire protection tips also on site.

Recreational burning – Rules on including setbacks and water availability.

District 7 CIU Detective Cooper Landvatter

Huge decrease (51% this month) in car prowls. Proactive policing has worked. Car thefts are still level because people are still leaving their cars running unattended in the morning.

2000 East Reconstruction – Becka Roolf, Active Transportation Planner

They recently surveyed the public asking what their top concerns are before creating a design. Survey of concerns shows sidewalks and potholes are a priority with the public. The plans are to restore and improve the street, but not widen or create a new interchange with I-80. Handed out a flyer.

University of Utah Health Update – Tom Cline, Administrator of new University of Utah Health facility in Sugar House (Old ShopCo Plaza) – Rebecca Bingham, Marketing and Communications

New facility fits with hub and spoke model of facilities. This one is the third hub and will support smaller clinics surrounding it. It will be easy to access to people from both Salt Lake and Park City. They aim to become more involved with the local community.

Floor 1 – Atrium with trees, will house urgent care, orthopedic sports clinic, full imaging suite, Huntsman will offer radiation therapy, retail pharmacy, child care for patients.

Floor 2 – Infusion services including all of Huntsman’s, Huntsman Oncology, women’s health including OB/GYN

Floor 3 – Primary care, internal medicine, pediatrics, geriatrics, administrative offices…

Floor 4 – Specialty – Urology, men’s health, sleep medicine, pulmonary, weight management, GI…

Floor 5 – Large area treatment suites such as physical therapy, dermatology…

Hours of operation will be extended to about 7am – 7pm to make it easier for the public to schedule. Admin offices will open in August. First patient will be seen October 1st, 2019. They will set up a website to help the community know which services are moving. (check).

Sprague Branch Library Update

Up to nearly 200 visits per day since school let out. Permit delays on re-construction.

Public Services 101, Lisa Shaffer-Director of Public Services SLC

An overview of what Public Services does in the City. Three units oversee 10 divisions.

Operations, Public Lands, Administrative Services.

City contains 20,000,000 feet of sidewalk…

Maintain the common areas of the Sugar House and Downtown Business Districts. They also maintain the Gallivan Center and manage programing – over 400 events per year (yes, more than one per day).

Parks division has won awards for the public cemetery. They also maintain trails and natural lands.

They manage the Youth and Family Division (Including Youth City)


Committee Reports

Arts and Culture – Meggie Troili

Please watch calendar on our website and submit your events. We want to make it the “GO TO” place for events in sugar house.

Special Project – Dayna McKee

Sugar House Block Party August 31st. Food Trucks, games, need sponsors and volunteers.

Amy Fowler – District 7 City Council

In budget season and invited questions. Cartograph will provide a comprehensive collection of data. Space where Bicycle Center is located is owned by RDA and could be a site for affordable housing. Wanted to know thoughts of the community about using the old basketball courts on Simpson as open space for the Boys and Girls Club via a long term lease to manage while it would remain open to the public.

Joshua Rebollo – Community Liaison for SLC Districts 6 & 7

Reminder of fireworks restrictions. Homeless resource centers will open in August. Flyers provided.


9:00     Adjourn

Erika Wiggins

Erika Wiggins is local Realtor, a Trustee for the Sugar House Community Council, and Co-Chair of the Sugar House Chamber. An avid writer, her byline has appeared in Huffington Post, Forbes, Business Insider, Liftopia and others. She was also a writer for Ski Utah for six years. Erika lives in Sugar House with her husband Steve. They own several businesses in the neighborhood and share a deep love for the community. She specializes in selling property in historic enclaves of Salt Lake City.