Meeting Minutes June 6, 2018

Meeting Minutes June 6, 2018

Sugar House Community Council Trustee Meeting Minutes

Trustees Present:   Mike Bagley, Sally Barraclough,  Laurie Bray, Landon Clark,  Melanie Heath,   Michael G. Kavanagh,  Steve Kirkegaard, Will Kocher, Susan Koelliker,  Dayna McKee, Larry Migliaccio, Dave Mulder,  Judi Short, Shane Stroud, George Sumner,  Adam Weinacker, Erika Wiggins,

Trustees Excused:  Mary Clark, Deb Henry, Topher Horman, Benny Keele, Benjamin Sessions, Jason Smurthwaite, Sue Watson, Rawlins Young

Trustees Unexcused: Camron Anderson, Tina Escobar-Taft, Sue Ann Jones, Eric Mcgill, Chris Sveiven

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm by  Landon Clark, Chair SHCC

Motion to approve last month’s minutes was made by Judi, seconded by Mike.  The motion passed unanimously with no corrections to the minutes.

Chair Announcements:  Landon Clark

Fairmont Area Trustee, Topher Horman’s mother recently passed away.  Landon made a motion that we donate $25 in her name to the charity of Topher’s choice.  Judi seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

Shane Stroud, Nibley area Trustee, also recently lost his mother.  Sally made a motion that we donate $25 in her name to Shane’s charity choice of the Humane Society.  Will seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

On June 27th from 4-5:30pm there will be a grand re-opening celebration of the Fairmont Park pond which recently underwent a massive renovation.

Bess Thompson, Fairmont Aquatic Center Manager, thanked the SHCC for putting the aquatic center survey on our website.  Some comments included improving the walk-ability to the aquatic center.  Bess also announced that Aug 2nd & 3rd the National Transplant Games will be holding swim events at the Aquatic Center.  The competitors  are adults who have undergone organ transplants who compete in various athletic events being held at locations across the valley.  The Aquatic Center is getting two new air conditioning units on top of the building which should help with the humidity in the natatorium.

The Sugar House fireworks show is cancelled this year due to lack of a sponsor.  George Sumner gave the background story from the Park Authority Board.  The board decided 10 years ago to spend their limited funds on park improvements such as bathrooms, new playground equipment, and pond improvements.  The past two years the SH Chamber of Commerce has sponsored the fireworks show, but they have determined that it is extremely expensive and does not increase commerce which is their mission, so they will no longer sponsor the show.  At this late date it would be hard to find a sponsor and a producer to put on the show. According to park rules, individual fireworks are not allowed in the park.

Landon announced that the SHCC may sponsor an Arts Festival in place of the traditional street fair which annually took place on the 4th.  The first Arts Festival will likely take place next fall (2019) in order to have time to prepare for the new event.

Sally announced that the Seventh Annual Music Stroll will be held on Saturday, June 9th from 3-8pm in south Sugar House.  She handed out fliers with location and band information.  Parking is available at the LDS Stake Center on 27th South and Filmore or anywhere on the side streets in the area.

The Sugar House Art Walk is Friday, June 8th with 13 venues participating. Go to the Art Walk Facebook and Instagram pages for locations.

Secretary Report:  Sally Barraclough

There were no new petitions to consider.  Landon Clark presented his petition renewal for the Dilworth area.  Sally moved to accept the petition, Susan seconded, and the motion was approved unanimously.

Treasurer Report:  Mike Bagley

We have a $5750.73 account balance.  There was $109.25 in deposits and a $45 expense for constant contact in May.  The final payment of $2585.50 for Sites by Sara, who designed the new website, will be made this month.  The new website will go live soon.

Fire Station #3 Report:  Richard Platt

This is wild land fire season and Salt Lake City Fire has more wild fire trained firefighters than ever before.  Richard feels this will be an easier wild fire season because the dry winter produced less undergrowth but time will tell.  SLC deploys firefighters to large fires around the country and their positions are back-filled and paid for with funding from the wild fire agencies.

The new fireworks restrictions decrease the number of days per year that it is legal to use fireworks.  The legal dates in July are the 2nd-5th and the 23rd-25th from 11am-11pm (midnighton the actual holiday) Go to for details. There are also fireworks restricted zones.

The new station #3 construction is on schedule and it’s due to open on Sept. 1, 2018.

The station responded to 200 calls last month, 150 were medical calls.

Police Report:  Josh Ashdown, Community Intelligence Unit (CIU) Detective

The department is back-filling the patrol division with detectives and other officers to decrease the back log of calls that are coming in to the department.  There will be 40 new officers starting in September which will also help decrease the back log of calls.

Detective Ashdown reminded us to document the serial numbers of valuable items. Most of the time stolen items are not returned to the owner when recovered because there is no serial number for reporting and documenting ownership.  Bikes, cameras, and electronics are examples of items that you should document the serial numbers.  Take pictures of jewelry and document the types and size of gem stones. Retain the document with your files. Josh will follow up on the on-line bike registration and find out when it is supposed to go live.

The District Attorney chose not to press charges against the adult male who tackled a police officer at the skate park in Fairmont Park.  (Update: The day after the SHCC meeting, that decision was reversed and charges were filed.)

The lights on the skate park will be adjusted to go off earlier in the evening.  They are also considering installing a trailer camera to record activities around the skate park to help reduce crime.

Construction Updates:  Bill Knowles, SLC Construction Ombudsman

The Wilmington Street project is due to be completed by June 15th.  After a public engagement process, the engineers opted to use concrete to surface the street.  It takes longer to install but will last 30-40 yrs where as an asphalt surface will only last 5-6 yrs.  There will be a signaled pedestrian crossing mid-block and improved landscaping. The construction has been hard on local business but the project is almost finished.

The apartment complex on 21st South and 10th East will be completed by late summer.  There have been intermittent closures of 10th East during the construction, which has been very disruptive.  The pedestrian boardwalk on 21st South has been taken down and they are preparing to pour the new concrete sidewalk.

The Cowboy Partners Project at 660 East Wilmington is on schedule as is the Sugarmont Apartments, and the Brixton Flat development on 7th East.  There will be two new multi-family developments coming, one on McClelland and one on Highland Dr.

Vacancy rates for the new complexes in Sugar House are a low 2%.  That is why the developers will continue to build apartments, likely into 2020.

Library Update:  Heather Hart, Sprague Library Manager

Patsy McNamara, Board Member Friends of the Library

Heather reported they are still having trouble with the elevator repairs.  They have now replaced the motor and are waiting for another inspection.

The Sprague Library building constructed in 1928 is 90 yrs old this year.  There will be a celebration on Saturday, June 9th from 12-2pm, that will include activities for kids, prizes, and cake.

The Super Summer Challenge started on June 1st.  Tracker books are available at all the branches and prizes are awarded for completing various reading and activity challenges.

Patsy talked about the programs at the library that are sponsored and paid for by the Friends of the Library.  Programs include literacy programs, staff training and development, and sponsorship of the creative lab at the main library.  The creative lab contains a 3D printer, a sound proof booth for music production, and a tee-shirt and poster printing machine, all paid for by the Friends of the Library. Call to make an appointment for the creative lab.  They also sponsor many of the reading programs that take place throughout the community.

Friends of the Library memberships start at $10 a year for seniors and students and go up from there.  There are also individual and family memberships.  The Friends also raise funds through their biannual book sales, and at the store which is located at the Main Library.


The Fairmont Apartments-1034 East Elm St.   Benjamin and Alex Lowe

This is an apartment complex that will be located on the empty lot just north of the car detailing business on McClelland on the corner with Elm Street.  There will be 59, one and two bedroom units averaging 860 sq feet with rents ranging from $1,500-$2,000 per month.  The building will be six stories above grade and one story below grade and be 60ft in height.  The rectangle shaped building and landscaping will allow for a larger buffer from the homes on Elm St.  There are 79 parking stalls planned.  They are planning a community bike share program for their tenants that will be located on the street level as well as office space for their business.  There is no ground floor retail planned for the development.

Hawking Estate – 1950 & 1960 South, 17th East   John Clayton

This Planned Unit Development (PUD) is five detached single family homes that will range in size between 3,000 and 4,500 sq feet.  The lot sizes are 8,600 ft.  The homes will be custom designed and each will have a 2 car garage. They will have two stories above ground, one story below and stay within the 28ft height restriction for the R1-7 zone.

Sugar House Heights – 2660 S. Highland Dr   David Deso

This parcel is .46 acres in size, currently zoned R-2.  The developer would like to subdivide the property for four single family home lots.  The design of the homes has not been decided.  The two homes that face Highland Dr will have front sidewalks to Highland Dr.  The common driveway will enter and exit on Caton Way which is a private 20 ft wide road for the homes south and west of the property that is a separate PUD.  Property owners of the existing PUD expressed concern regarding the increase in traffic on the private road.

Spotlight on Business:  Michael G Kavanaugh

Twin Suns Cafe’ –  2305 S Highland Dr.     Michael Robinson

The cafe has been open 6 months in the site of the former Rocky Mountain Grill.  They offer a variety of “made from scratch” menu items with organic and locally sourced ingredients.  Everything is made in-house.  Their hours are 8am-3pm, closed on Tues. The cafe is decorated with Star Wars memorabilia collected over many years by Chef Daniel.

City Reports:  Amy Fowler,  District 7 City Council

The city council is hoping to approve the city budget next Tuesday.  They decided yesterday to fully fund the parks department so that unfunded parks can be maintained into the future.  There are currently approximately 20 unfunded parks.  This funding would allow the parks department to hire 3 more people and purchase 3 more trucks.

Discussions are open again regarding the NW quadrant Inland Port.  The city’s concern is that SLC will be responsible to pay for the infrastructure for the Port with the potential to not recover any of the taxes that the Inland Port will produce.  At this point nothing has been firmly decided about the oversight of this large development.

There will be a push to reactivate the Historic Sign Ordinance proposal and make sure it is still moving forward.

There is a priority list of streets that need repair or replacement.  The new tax increase will help with funding the deferred maintenance for street repairs.

Mayor’s Office:  Nate Salazar, SLC Community Liaison

The new sales tax, which is expected to bring in $22 million this fiscal year, will be partially used for street maintenance.  The General Obligation Bond of $87 million will be used for reconstruction of our worst streets.  2/3 of our streets are classified as “poor or failing”.  There will be several open house events to inform the public about the General Obligation Bond before it goes on the fall ballot.  The GO Bond would pay for approximately 19 full time employees for road reconstruction.

The Tour of Utah bike race is coming to Salt Lake on August 10th.  Stage 4 of the race will follow the same route around the capital.  Volunteers are needed to help with the race.  Go to to sign up to volunteer.

Meeting Adjourned

Landon Clark