Meeting Minutes March 4th 2020

SHCC Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes March 4th 2020

Motion to appove the minutes

1st motion Will Kocher

2nd motion Sally Barraclough

Minutes approved


Couple of announcements:

Sugar House Art Walk March 13th from 6-9 pm.  There are 14 participating locations.


Sugarhouse Park Authority Board of Trustee Position Open:

If you are interested, please send your resume and cover letter to by March 15, 2020.  This position requires attendance once a month on the second Thursday of each month from 6p-8:30p with assignments as necessary. This is not based on the district in which you live.


Secretary Report: Erika Wiggins   We have a new petition for an at-large trustee.  His name is Maxwell Christen and he is the marketing manager at Wasatch Squatters.    Motion to approve his petition…all approved.


Treasurer Report:  Mike Bagley

Current Balance:  $14663.60

Expenses for Allen Park, $2500 grant received.

New PA System


Detective Landvatter

Car prowls up a bit.  Increased Police presence.  Don’t leave things in car!

SH is 12% of SLC Crime.  Been this way for 5 years.


Sprague Update:

Sprague progressing nicely.  Done Fall of 2020!


Spotlight on Business:  US Chyrotherapy. $127/month. Tom is the owner and he is located at 2100 South and 700 East.


Allen Park:

Privately owned since 1931 and is for sale.  Not under contract, but developers are trying to purchase.  Community is trying to keep open to public.  Working with Utah Open Lands to create a conservation easement.  Property is in probate.  City offered $4 million.  Developers are offering $8-11 million.  Utah Open Lands would manage in perpetuity.


1.4 acres of 7 is buildable.


Ted Knowlton. WFRC

Develop Regional Plan for transportation from Brigham City to Bluffdale

Elected officials from counties is the board.  Utah is the fastest growing state for last 10 years.


TTIF, TIF.  Transit Transportation Implementation Fund,  Transportation Implementation Fund

SLC-MyStreet website has City Projects.

20th East. Construction starts early April-November.  Geneva is contractor.


Adan Carillo gave an update on 2000 East.   This section of road is slated to being in May and will be done in Oct/Nov barring any problems.   They are adding a roundabout on the north end.


Tom Milar talked about

Parleys Way:  2300 East upto I-80

10-15000 cars per day.

30,40 and 45 mph limits. Actual speed 45-50 mph

Comment period is March 2020

Resurface, create bike lanes, crosswalks to be added





Amy Fowler District 7 City Councilwoman:

Council is busy

$900,000.00 grant to study a Sugar House Circulation along with connectivity to Millcreek and Holiday.


Lara Handwerker from SLC transportation  Take our frequent transit survey.

Really trying to increase service throughout the city


Tim Cosgrove:  new district 7 mayor’s  liaison.

Talked about the State of the City address from Mayor Mendenhall

Discussed the different initiatives that were highlighted in her address


Meeting adjourned

Landon Clark