SHCC Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes Nov 7, 2018

Sugar House Community Council Trustee Meeting Minutes – November 7, 2018


Trustees Present:   Mike Bagley, Sally Barraclough, Laurie Bray, Landon Clark, Mary Clark, Melanie Heath, Steve Kirkegaard, Will Kocher, Dayna McKee, Larry Migliaccio, Benjamin Sessions, Judi Short, , Susan Koelliker, Shane Stroud, Chris Sveiven, Adam Weinacker, Erika Wiggins, Rawlins Young

Trustees Excused:   Deb Henry, Topher Horman, Sue Ann Jones, Benny Keele, Dave Mulder, Sue Watson

Trustees Unexcused:  Camron Anderson, Andrew Dale, Jason Smurthwaite, George Sumner

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm by Landon Clark, Sugar House Community Council Chair

A motion to approve last month’s minutes was made by Sally, seconded by Ben. The motion passed unanimously with no corrections to the minutes.

Chair Announcements:  Landon Clark

Thanked Lynn Schwarz for bringing cookies and Legacy Village for the use of the room.. Welcomed Sue Ann Jones from Highland High and let her know we had donations.

Sue thanked everyone and shared how important the donations are for the kids. She said anyone wanting to donate could pull up to the front door and take the donations to the front office. She clarified that any foods, including cereal, are needed. Also toiletries.

Landon shared that there was a change to the agenda, that Charlie Luke and Amy Fowler couldn’t attend. He also shared that there was ongoing discussion with the City about the new police precinct location. Impact fees would only help at the 2100 S location, and that the old D.I. building was “off the table” because it’s slated for affordable housing.

Secretary Report: Sally Barraclough/Erika Wiggins

There were no expiring trustee petitions until March, and no new petitions to consider. Also a reminder to check attendance records and let Erika know if you will be gone so you can me marked excused.

Treasurer Report: Mike Bagley

There is a balance of $5801.90 in the account. Expenses included giveaway stuff funded by a grant for night out on crime. A few donations were received. A reminder that trustees are requested to donate $65 per year. Donations can be made via PayPal on the SHCC website Donate page.


Committee Reports

Land Use and Zoning: Judi Short

On October 24, the Planning Commission approved a change to the Cottage Courts development at 3075 S 900 East.  They were approved to build 8 homes on 900 east, off a street down the middle, with only the two houses on 900 East facing the street.  they requested to be able to keep one of the existing houses, and modify it so it would face the new street, rather than have to tear it down.
Accessory Dwelling Units At its Tuesday, October 16 meeting, the Council adopted changes to the City’s regulations for Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), commonly known as mother-in-law apartments. The changes will allow ADUs in more areas of the City. Previously, the only properties eligible for new, legal ADUs were those located ½-mile or less from a fixed transit stop for Front Runner, TRAX or the S-Line. The previous rules significantly restricted the number of eligible properties. In fact, only one ADU permit has been granted by the City since 2012.
The changes the Council adopted will:
  1. Allow ADUs citywide, rather than based on a boundary area or proximity to a fixed transit stop
    1. Make ADUs a conditional use in the FR (Foothill Residential District) and R-1 (Single Family Residential) zoning districts. These are the zoning districts that only allow detached single family dwellings.
    2. Allow ADUs a permitted use in all other residential zoning districts that already allow duplexes, triplexes, and multi-family as permitted uses. (SR-1, SR-3, R-2 RMF-30 RMF-35, RMF-45, RMF-75, RB R-MU-35, R-MU-45, R-MU, and RO)
  2. Eliminate the permit limit of 25 ADUs per year in the City
  3. Clarify the definition of “owner occupied”
  4. Require properties with ADUs to have a deed restriction stating that an owner must occupy the property.
  5. Provide different design standards for Attached and Detached ADUs.
  6. Amend the wording of some standards for clarity.
The SINGLE ROOM OCCUPANCY use is proposed to be added to the allowable land uses in the CSHBD1 and 2 zones,(the core Sugar House Business District Zones) and FB-SE (Form-based Streetcar Edge) and FB-SC (Form-based Streetcar Car) areas of Sugar House.  
Single Room Occupancy (SRO) is defined as a group of rooms that contain either sleeping space and a kitchen, or sleeping space and a bathroom.  If they don’t have a bathroom, the bathroom will be down the hall shared by others.  If they don’t have a kitchen, there is a shared kitchen.  This is proposed as a way to offer more affordable housing options in SLC.  Here is a link to the staff report If you have comments, please send them to and she will forward to the Planning Commission.
You can attend the PC meeting November 14 and comment.
The next meeting of the SHCC Land Use and Zoning Committee will be Monday, November 19 at 6 p.m. in the Fairmont Room of The Legacy Sugar House (12 12 Wilmington Avenue 5th floor)  Agenda items will include:  Sugar House Design Guidelines, and the outcome of the Single Room Occupancy issue at the Planning Commission.

Transportation: Larry Migliaccio

Met with City to discuss potential routes for the Sugar House Street Car and the new alternatives. There was a meeting set for the 19th during the transportation meeting. UTA called and canceled because it sounded like the City was not in favor of a public meeting at this time. Transportation meeting is set for the 19th at 7:00pm and a new chair will be elected.

Trails, Parks and Open Spaces: Sally Barraclough

No meeting last month and no new updates.

Arts and Culture: Laurie Bray

Update by Landon Clark and Laurie Bray. Santa Shack is going to open the day after Thanksgiving. Laurie proposed hosting a dinner for the firefighters who bring Santa each year.


Community Announcements

Benjamin Sessions – Sugar House Chamber of Commerce

Benjamin added in because he is the new Chairman of the Sugar House Chamber of Commerce. He shared that the Chamber is continuing to operate and will be hosting an event December 13th, at The Ruin from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.

Fire Station #3 – No announcements

Detective Andrew Pedersen – Salt Lake Police Department

Josh Ashdown has been moved to different district. Detective Pedersen is filling in until a permanent replacement is named. Warned that package thefts and car prowls are up.

He cautioned residents not to leave their cars warming up unattended. He emphasized that it’s very important to report all thefts because it helps them do their job better. Package thefts are also up and sting operations are being used to try and catch the thieves.

Bike registration is now available on Registering your bike makes it possible to prosecute criminals and return the bike to its owner.

Nancy Monteith, Landscape Architect – Salt Lake City Public Lands

Nancy provided an update on the next phase of improvements at Fairmont Park. Lighting improvements and looped paths are planned. She is looking for input on the lighting style Sugar House residents would like. The goal is to “active the park.” Plans are available for review on the Salt Lake City Parks page.

Laura Hanson, Director of Planning – UTA Sugar House Update

The S-Line route questions are being looked at again because of changes in the community and the incorporation of Millcreek. Some original routes may not be needed. A grant for a new study is being applied for by Salt Lake City.

UTA is seeking input from the community on what priorities should be funded. Because there is a limitation on resources, a balance must be struck between coverage and frequency. A series of community engagement meetings are planned called the Service Choices Process beginning in January and continuing through May. UTA is seeking the help of the Community Council to get the word out about the process.

Adam Weinacker – Michael G.’s Spotlight on Business (S.O.B.)

Urban Blues – 1121 East 2100 South

Colin Gibbs, Co-Owner and Sugar House resident presented. They have been in business for 13 years and this is a new location. Open seven days a week and carry a selection of woman’s clothes and accessories. They like to partner with other local businesses including helping Best Friends.

Nancy Volmer, Airport Director of Marketing and Public Relations – SLC Airport

SLC Airport ranks 1# for on-time departures. Also the 3rd fastest growing in the country. The airport needs to be replaced because it can’t be renovated, especially when seismic standards. It was never planned to be a hub. The configuration of gates is restrictive and 30 gates do not have jet bridges. The new airport will have more international gates, seats, restrooms, and restaurants. It was built for 10 million passengers, not the 25 million expected.

New airport will meet LEED Gold Standards.

No local tax dollars are being used. A combination of cash and bonds are being used.

There will be three phases:

  • 2020 – 1st Phase
  • 2024 – East Side
  • 2025 – Last Phase

Videos and renderings are available on the SLC Airport Website.


Chair:  Landon Clark

1st Vice Chair:  Will Kocher

2nd Vice Chair:  Judi Short

3rd Vice Chair:  Sally Barraclough

Secretary:   Erika Wiggins

Treasurer:  Mike Bagley


Meeting Adjourned:  9:05pm

Erika Wiggins

Erika Wiggins is local Realtor, a Trustee for the Sugar House Community Council, and Co-Chair of the Sugar House Chamber. An avid writer, her byline has appeared in Huffington Post, Forbes, Business Insider, Liftopia and others. She was also a writer for Ski Utah for six years. Erika lives in Sugar House with her husband Steve. They own several businesses in the neighborhood and share a deep love for the community. She specializes in selling property in historic enclaves of Salt Lake City.