SHCC Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes September 4, 2019


Trustees Present: Mike Bagley, Laurie Bray, Jeremy Chatterton, Landon Clark, Mary Clark, Andrew Dale, Sue Ann Jones, Benny Keele, Steve Kirkegaard, Susan Koelliker, Will Kocher, Dayna McKee, Judi Short, George Sumner, Meggi Trioli, Levi Thatcher, Erika Wiggins.

Trustees Excused: Sally Barraclough, Rich Knickerbocker, Larry Migliaccio, Sue Watson, Shane Stroud, Adam Weinacker

Trustees Unexcused: Benjamin Sessions, Chris Sveiven.

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm by Landon Clark, Chair SHCC. A motion to approve last month’s minutes was made by Will Kocher and a 2nd by Mike Bagley and approved by trustees.


Chair Welcome – Landon Clark


  • Landon thanked everybody who attended the First Annual Sugar House Backyard Bash. “I would really like to thank Dayna McKee who ran the show and did a masterful job, Laurie and Meggie who put together an incredible timeline for Sugar House and orchestrated the artists with perfection.   I would also like to thank the trustees who helped with setup, take down and everything in between.”
  • ACE (Arts Culture and Events) fund applications are now open and will be open until October 31st. Link to application:
  • Recognized Rawlins Young who passed away August 19th.


Secretary Report-Erika Wiggins

No petitions are expiring until 2020. Reminder to sign in and check attendance record.


Treasurer Report-Mike Bagley

The current balance in our account is $4156.34.


Community Announcements


Fire Station #3

SAVE Neighborhoods – A program that will show you which elementary school you would report to for community support during a disaster. Not a shelter or medical site. No food or water. A 96-hour kit is something you would bring with you to the site. A list for 96-hour kits is available on the site.


District 7 CIU Detective Cooper Landvatter

Trends are a slight uptick in vehicle and house burglaries. If you report anything call the emergency or non-emergency numbers. Do NOT use Nextdoor or the SLC App. That will not help. It’s okay to call regarding suspicious individuals, you are not wasting their time. It will trigger a report that will help direct recourses to your area.

Fairmont Park has had an increase in complaints that are now being addressed. Initially they did not know because people weren’t contacting police – just using Nextdoor or the SLC App.

Use SpeedWatchSLC to report problems with speeding drivers. Reporting will increase monitoring.


Salt Lake City Parks – Tyler Murdock Project Manager

Update on the Fairmont Park Stream Project. Applied for and was awarded CIP Funding for improvements. Three objectives: Stabilize the banks, plant new trees and shrubs for wildlife, and create a safe and accessible place for the public to interact with the stream. The stream is nearly all spring-fed.


Sprague Library Update

Peter Bromberg, Director; Debbie Ehrman, Deputy Director; and Gordon Bradberry, Head of Facilities – Salt Lake City Public Library

They are done with demolition and almost done with the permitting process. Likely construction will begin in 3-6 weeks. Building is 92 years old but there were few surprises. Construction will take 9-12 months.

Regarding the restrooms: They are a universal access design which is based on research on how to reduce crime while increasing access. It increases the visibility of each door, so they are safer, while helping families have access to opposite gender restrooms for children and elderly. The International Code Council (ICC) recently adopted amendments which support this design and will be released in 2021.


Wasatch Studio Tour – David LeCheminant

Salt Lake City is the only large metro that doesn’t have a citywide art event. This is focused on studios instead of galleries. They have 120 artists enrolled. Would like to form a relationship with the SHCC. Four groups are in our area. Art Hous, Local Colors, Jewelry, Rockwood Studios. There are also another 22 scattered throughout our zip codes. They have several sponsors. October 12-13, 10-6 Free More information is available on the Wasatch Studio Tour website and Instagram.


Committee Reports


Land Use and Zoning-Judi Short

Some activity at 2100E and 2100S. Several properties have been purchased. The developer will visit the October 21st Land Use and Zoning meeting.

  • Hopkins Estates asked for a 1-year extension.
  • 1978 Windsor Street ADU has been approved.
  • Sugarmont Apartments – Contractor bid on the plans before they were complete and then understaffed the project because it was underbid. Currently in forensics going room by room making a list of what needs to be done.
  • Dixon Place on McClelland St and Elm should have their permits any day to being construction. [Note: construction began September 23, 2019]
  • The TAG 700 PUD has been bought by Ivory Homes who will build the approved design.
  • Springhill Suites is hoping to be complete by October 31, 2019.
  • Next LUZ meeting Sept 16th, 2019.


Transportation-Levi Thatcher

Next meeting is September 16th at 7:00pm. SLC Transportation will be present to discuss 900E construction coming up. Also, a circulation study will be discussed.


Trails, Parks and Open Spaces-Sally Barraclough

There is a clean-up/weeding work project on this Friday the 6th from 9am-11am in the Draw at Hidden Hollow.  SL County is assisting with the project.  We will be weeding along the north wall of the Draw and weeding the pocket planters in the south wall.  Bring gloves and wear close toed shoes.

SLC Parks Dept will be meeting with the “Friends of Fairmont Park” on Thursday, Sept 12th at 6pm. If you are available to attend, we are meeting at the pavilion by the Aquatic Center.  This is a good time to discuss future plans for the park.


Arts, Culture and Events-Meggie Troili

Thank you to all of the committee members for help with the Backyard Bash. Reminder of the Calendar and Events Page on the SHCC website.

There will be a new public art piece on the outside of SpringHill Suites.

Committee Meetings are held Second Monday of each month. This month’s is Sept. 9th at 7:00pm.


Update on Big Backyard Bash – Dayna McKee

A big success and many thanks to all who helped and donated.


Community Liaison for SLC – Elaine Navar

New ACE Grant season, reminder about the SLC Mobile App for reporting simple things such as light poles not working, or homeless camps.


Meeting adjourned 8:35pm



Erika Wiggins

Erika Wiggins is local Realtor, a Trustee for the Sugar House Community Council, and Co-Chair of the Sugar House Chamber. An avid writer, her byline has appeared in Huffington Post, Forbes, Business Insider, Liftopia and others. She was also a writer for Ski Utah for six years. Erika lives in Sugar House with her husband Steve. They own several businesses in the neighborhood and share a deep love for the community. She specializes in selling property in historic enclaves of Salt Lake City.