Meeting Minutes, September 7, 2016

Meeting Minutes, September 7, 2016

Sugar House Community Council Meeting Minutes September 7, 2016 

Present: Amy Barry, Bryce Williams, Benny Keele, Landon Clark, Jason Smurthwaite, Rawlins Young, Judi Short, Sally Barraclough, Teddie Anderson, Maggie Shaw, Laurie Bray, Tina Escobar Taft, Susan Koelliker, Deb Henry.

Call to order 7:00pm

Motion to approve the August minutes passed unanimously.

Secretary report: Natalie Watkins has resigned. Motion to renew Rawlins Young petition passed unanimously.

Elections Committee report by Benny Keele – Committee includes Michael G Kavanagh and Eric McGill. Benny reported on the nominees: Chair – Landon Clark, Vice Chair – Judi Short, Amy Barry, Bryce Williams, Treasurer – Larry Miggliaccio for October elections. Still in need of a Secretary.

Fire Station #3 update

John McCaulley reported on citizen hero award for community service. Community newsletter on webpage New fire chief coming – nationwide search commenced.

Citizens can use website to schedule community events, fire drills, scouts, smoke detectors, etc with 2 weeks notice.  Time to think about getting furnance serviced and change furnance filters.

Public Safety update

Detective Joshua Ashdown reports he has funding to go to a CPTED training and can provide feedback on safety and environmental design. All our crime numbers are looking good and are down. Success in getting rid of some problem properties. The property at 2855 S Highland Dr has been demolished. Home at 900 E 3200 S are now vacant lots. 2225 S 500 E there is building with complaints about people holding parties and he is looking into it. Reports how he cites people setting up camp in Fairmont Park and encourages them to use resources. They do not want to go to shelter area out of fear. Det. Ashdown brings HOST officers with him to educate about resources and services.

Jeff Sokol from SLC Engineering reports on Sugar House Business District Water Conservation & Asset Renewal Design project. The irrigation  in this area is failing and in need of replacement. Project renewal area boundaries 900 E to 1300 E Highland Drive from Wilmington to freeway. Jim Cleland Director of Facilities for SLC introduced himself reports that it was the Sugar House maintenance crew that brought the issue up a couple years ago. This project is just in the design phase and not funded yet.  Design plan along 2100 S is to remove grass and replace with paver. Incorporate hanging baskets that are automatically watering to highlight visual appeal. Design along Highland Dr is renewal/replacement of grass strip and irrigation. The design will go on website and create an opportunity for comment to help give feedback on the design.

Marriott Hotel – Woodbury/Komena Group/Dees Inc project –

Aabir Malik and Riley Gerritt presented information on the proposal to build a hotel on the parking lot adjacent to the ToysRUs vacant store. The site will be sited to Wilmington Ave for the parking structure. Chose SpringHill Suites brand because they have larger rooms for business travel and larger families travelling. Hotel is 6 floors (95′) over 2 levels of underground parking and will have 125 rooms. There will be an outdoor dining area for the hotel on the east side of the building.

The grade change on Wilmington Ave makes it difficult to put any occupiable space on that front. The entrance to the parking structure is from this side. They added more windows on the stairwell to add more windows on the Wilmington Ave side based on comments from the Land Use & Zoning committee feedback. Another comment was regarding a north/south walkway and they worked to improve the landscaping between hotel and Taco Bell to create an 8 foot wide path to get you from the shopping center to Wilmington Ave that will not require stairs. The stairs to Taco Bell will remain with improved landscaping.

Rick Frerichs, Christina Haas, Eric Thompson (architect) presented on the Dixon Office/Medical Building proposal. This will be a 6 story, 180,000 sq, 450 underground parking stalls accessed from behind the building. This project will build a road that connects WIlmington Ave to Elm Ave from Highland Dr to McClelland St with a new 4 way street light at the Highland Dr side. Store fronts would be on the north side of the building facing the Vue. Propose raised areas for pedestrian movement from Sugarmont and on the main entrance, which is facing south on the new road.A public plaza is proposed on the north side of the building inbetween this building and the Vue. Pedestrian movement will come from Sugarmont through the Boulder Venture project and connect to the paseo and draw people to Highland Dr.

Lisa Adams, SLC Council District 7 Representative presented that there is nothing Sugar House specific right now in front of the council. Working on affordable housing and homelessness issues. Majority of council does not like the idea of 2 250 bed is too much. They are trying to work through 5 sites with 100 beds is a better approach. Had a great proposal on affordable housing options to require to increase the inventory using the RDA as a tool. Reported that number of police officers on the street increased from 94 to 178 from last year. Sugar House crime is significantly decreased. Hoping to push to get a bigger bike patrol to help concentrate them to problem areas.

Hildegard Koenig from the Mayor’s office presented about the homeless services site selection. Giving a tour “Not Afraid to Help” and you can sign up between September 8, 10, 15, 17, 22, 24 are the dates and first come first serve. She also announced the grant application for Art & Culture Events (formerly the Signature Event Funds) to a new focus toward small community events. More information on the city website. Mayor Biskupski is interested in hearing more about the public experience with sidewalks. She is looking to learn more to find out what we need to improve and educate on use.

Adjourn 8:56 pm

Landon Clark