Minutes, May 2016 Transportation Committee

Minutes, May 2016 Transportation Committee

Sugar House Community Council Transportation Committee

May 16, 2016- 7:00 PM

Sprague Branch Library


-Planning Commission of the East Bench Master Plan (Including Parley’s Way) happening on May 25th. Larry plans on attending the meeting and providing the committee’s comments. Comments are due to Larry by May 23rd.

-University of Utah Master Plan  comments are due the end of May.

-Megan Whitney from the Transportation Advisory Board will attend our June meeting. She is our representative for Sugar House.

-There is talk of UTA adding a TRAX line to what is known as the Granary District. Some thoughts are that this funding should go to additional bus lines.

-Committee will start an issue log where a committee member can take on an issue and follow that issue to report back to the committee.

-Larry reminded the committee that we will be focusing on issues on Sugar House specifically and Downtown issues if they impact Sugar House.

-Transportation Advisory Board meeting will be taking place on June 4th at 4:00 PM.

-Chris Jones to present the parking study at the June 20th SHCC Transportation meeting.


Current Issues

Elm Avenue:  People are shortcutting off of 2100 South into the residential area off of Elm Avenue both at 1000 East and Lincoln to avoid all the traffic on 2100 S during rush hour and high traffic times.  Right now there are yield signs at Elm. Some residents are advocating for 4 way stops.  One thought is that it might be better to put stop signs on 1000 E and Lincoln and let Elm flow. Landon offered to take this project on. There is talk about adding roundabouts, but roundabouts are an expensive option.

Parking Stalls on Highland DriveBetween Sugarmont and I-80 bridge, city is doing some beautification work which will result in the loss of some parking spots. Businesses in the area complained to city engineering and as a result it will be a loss of 2 spots rather than the 10. Larry didn’t think there was anything we needed to act on at the moment, but stay tuned.

U of U Transportation Master Plan:  While very good internally, there is a lack of focus on the surrounding community such as Foothill Drive and other surrounding areas. Comments include that Foothill Drive was ignored. Study said it was adequate with 3 lanes in each direction, but not paying attention to further south away from the U. If headed East on Sunnyside people turn left near the post office into Research Park. Only 1 turn lane, but there is room for a second turn lane that would help eliminate the backup there. Another comment is that there is only one right turn lane from Foothill on to Mario Capecchi. Note was that a second lane could be added to alleviate some of that traffic.


Future Issues:

City Bikes

TRAX Line to Granary

Street Car Corridor Master Plan

Left Hand turns on McClellan & 2100 S.

UDOT lights on 2100 S.

Small Shuttle in the Sugar House Business District


Next Meeting is June 20th at 7:00 PM at the Sprague Branch Library



Landon Clark