Mobile Business Text Amendment

Mobile Business Text Amendment

The Salt Lake City Planning Division is proposing a text amendment to update the standards related to
mobile businesses, which includes retail businesses operated from trucks, trailers, and vending carts. In
2017 and 2023, Utah State code was amended to expand where these types of businesses are allowed. The
changes to state code also imposed limitations on what municipalities can require for the operations of such
businesses in terms of zoning, business license and supplemental documentation. Salt Lake City code needs
to be updated to match these regulations. The amendment would focus on aligning the mobile business
standards with city goals, supporting small businesses, and addressing state law.
This amendment would be a collaboration between the Planning Division and the Business License
Division as it involves modifications to the text in:
• Title 21A – Zoning: Sections 21A.36.160 Mobile Businesses and 21A.36.161 Mobile Food Courts,
Chapter 21A.33 Land Use Tables and any other sections that may be affected by the final changes.
• Title 5 – Business Taxes, Licenses and Regulations: Chapters 5.65 Vending Carts and 5.69 Mobile
Food Businesses in the Public Right of Way.

Here is a link to the new language.

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