Nonconforming Signs Ordinance – Zoning Text Amendment 2023

Nonconforming Signs Ordinance – Zoning Text Amendment 2023

You may recall, a few years back, after much back and forth with Salt Lake City, the zoning code was changed to allow restoration of our wonderful old electronic signs, like the sputnik, and the Costume Shop.Prior to that change, an owner had to restore an old sign in place, so the Sputnik was repaired by a person on a lift up in the air.  Once the sign came down, it could not be put back up.  And, the Sugar House Community Council got an award from Preservation Utah for this effort.  Now, the city says the revised ordinance is working so well they would like to extend it to the entire city.

Salt Lake City has initiated a request to amend the zoning ordinance related to nonconforming signs. Nonconforming signs are existing signs that were permitted under previous versions of city code and that do not conform to current standards. These signs are allowed to continue to exist; however, the current code is very restrictive when it comes to alterations or changes in ownership of such signs. The limitations on nonconforming signs discourage updating the sign, including the method of illumination to more energy-efficient systems, prevent owners from making signs more conforming to existing standards, encourage the keeping of poorly maintained signs, and create an unnecessary burden on business owners who are not allowed to reuse or update an existing nonconforming sign.

This amendment is generally intended to permit the modification, maintenance, and relocation of nonconforming signs. It also aims to clarify what types of modifications are permitted and promote the keeping of well-maintained signs while encouraging the removal of such signs when they are no longer in use.

Here you will find the proposed text for the new ordinance.  And, here is the section of code that deals with Vintage Signs.

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