October 2017 Agenda

October 2017 Agenda

7:00 Welcome-Chair
7:05 Approve Minutes
Secretary Report-Sally Barclough
Treasurer Report-Larry Migliaccio
7:10 Committee Reports
Land Use and Zoning-Judi Short
Community Outreach-Benjamin Sessions & Melanie Heath
 Transportation-Larry Migliaccio
Parks-Sally Barclough
7:20 Community Announcements
Fire Station #3
7:30 Bill Knowles-Salt Lake Community Ombudsman

Sugar House Construction Update

7:40 Melo Flores-Sugar House Farmer’s Market
Sugar House Winter Carnival
7:50  Hawk Watch

Kirsten Elliott-Development Coordinator

7:55 Public Utilities 101
Jesse Stewart-Deputy Director
SLC Department of Public Utilities
8:15 Green Bike
Ben Bolte-Founder and Director
8:30 Michael G. presents
Spotlight on Business (S.O.B)
Howdy Homemade-Susan Koelicker
2670 South 2000 East
8:40 Lisa Adams-City Council District 7
8:45 Nate Salazar-Community Liaison for SLC
8:50 Election Results
Benny Keele-Trustee
8:55 Library Update
Cherie Koford-Acting Branch Manager
9:00 Adjourn
Landon Clark