Off Street Parking, Mobility and Loading Text Amendment

Off Street Parking, Mobility and Loading Text Amendment

Mayor Erin Mendenhall has initiated a zoning text amendment to correct driveway and loading area
standards found in the zoning code. Chapter 21A.44 was amended in October 2022 and since then, staff
has found that certain standards created unintended consequences. For example, the ordinance now
requires a maximum combined driveway width and a maximum number of driveways that is
inconsistent with the size and use of properties in the industrial and some commercial zones. This
creates issues in the ability of properties to be developed and to accommodate convenient and safe
access. Similarly, staff have noticed that off-street loading area requirements are leading to likely
unusable spaces and undesirable building designs. This petition will allow staff to revisit these standards
to adequately address parking needs and city goals. This zoning amendment would also correct language
in other related sections of the code.

Attached is the complete parking chapter 21A.44.  Please review 21A.44.050 Alternatives to Minimum an Maximum Parking calculations, and 21A,44.070 Off- Street Loading.

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