Outreach Committee Report – August 25, 2014

Outreach Committee Report – August 25, 2014

Notes from the Outreach and Communications Committee meeting held Monday, August 25th, 2014 at Sprague Library

Attending: Christopher Thomas, Brad Di Iorio (Sugar House Chamber), Carole Straughn

1. Review details for Joffee’s Coffee

5-8pm. Brad said that may be a little too early for people.

Christopher said that he would plan to come and that he would bring name tags and have a sign up sheet. Could do a couple of announcements. Christopher said he would also look to see if he could find some general ground rules to bring to make sure that the evening is both fun and productive.

Boulder Ventures owns Joffee’s Coffee. Braden is the manager at Joffee’s Coffee.

Brad said he thought that we could move some of the tables, and make kind of a round seating area. Carole asked if there could be some tables off to the side with voter registration materials from the League of Women Voters. Carole will bring a table cloth and voter registration materials.

Christopher will also print out some materials with a link to the Sugar House Community Council website and publicize the next SHCC meeting on October 1st.

The next Sugar House Talks would be on October 14th. Brad will see if Magdelene’s religious goods and coffee grotto might be interested. Brad will talk to them.

2. Talk about materials we’d like to have produced

Here are some printed materials we would like to have produced, especially if we can have some members of the committee who are skilled and proficient at graphic design:

  • -A brochure (tri-fold) about the Sugar House Community Council
  • -Doorhangers — for the teams that knock on doors. They could say something like: “Sorry we missed you! Something important is happening in your neighborhood. For more information, go to: sugarhousecouncil.org”
  • Yard signs that say something like: “Sugar House Community Council meeting this Wednesday, 7pm at Sprague Library”
    • See if someone would donate some sign creation services. There’s Shout Sign, local Sugar House business that does signs — not sure if he does yard signs, though. Rick is a good friend of Brad’s. Brad will get Christopher in touch with Rick.
  • The Chamber is doing a goodie bag for new residents that they will announce at their next meeting. 70 bags for residents. The Sugar House Community Council could include something in there. Brad was not sure about the date those would be done. Kelly, the Chamber’s membership guy, is doing that.

Christopher will email Ed Butterfield and Judi regarding the streetcar tennis court zoning issues, and ask whether we should be knocking on doors in that neighborhood to let people know.

Landon Clark