Planned Development at 2162 S Lake Street (The Noah Sugar House)

Planned Development at 2162 S Lake Street (The Noah Sugar House)

We have received a proposal to build a 4-lot subdivision with 3 lots without frontage on a public street.  This is in the RMF-35 zone.  This would create four individually owned lots, with a townhome on each lot. All new lots in this zone are required to have frontage on a public street unless approved through the Planned Development process, which is why this project is before us.  The standards for a Planned Development are included in this letter.  The approval criteria for this request are also included in the letter.

They have provided their plans and drawings for this property.  Looks like they all are three bedrooms, and a nice size.  This will be on the SHCC Land Use and Zoning Committee meeting on January 8 at 6 p.m. (Location to be announced). You can submit comments and they will be included with my letter to the Planning Commission, and we will also try to notify you when this is coming before the Planning Commission if you wish to speak in person.

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