POST Committee Report Feb 8, 2016

POST Committee Report Feb 8, 2016

POST Meeting Minutes February 8, 2016

Sally brought the large format aerial photos used by Walt Gilmore from Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation in his presentation to the SHCC of the layout for Parley’s Trail from 23rd East to 17th East.  Members of the committee reviewed the plans but had more questions regarding the exact location of the trail through parts of the area.  There was also discussion regarding whether the surrounding property owners have been notified about the project and the construction schedule.

As a followup to these concerns, Colin Quinn-Hurst from SLC Transportation will be attending our POST Meeting in March to answer more questions in detail.

Juan Arce-Larreta, Chair of the Pratt Coalition confirmed in the last PRATT meeting that all of the property owners have been notified and are aware that construction on the trail will start this summer.

The committee also heard a report from Forest Dale Trustee Jason Smurthwaite regarding his efforts to purchase surplus property owned by UDOT, and located at the east end of Driggs Ave.  He is supported in the effort by State Representative Lynn Hemingway who facilitated discussions with UDOT.  The POST committee also supports this effort and feels that this area near the I-80, 13th East Interchange will be better maintained by private owners.

Next POST Meeting:  Monday March 21st at 5:00 in the Sprague Library

Agenda Items:  Parley’s Trail, Colin Quinn-Hurst SLC Transportation

I-80, 13th East Interchange Follow Up, Sally Barraclough

Landon Clark