POST Committee Report March 21, 2016

POST Committee Report March 21, 2016

POST Meeting Minutes March 21, 2016

Guest: Colin Quinn-Hurst, Transportation Planner, SLC Transportation Department

Colin reviewed the large format aerial photos used by Walt Gilmore from Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation in his presentation to the SHCC of the layout for Parley’s Trail from 23rd East to 17th East. The members of the committee had questions regarding the exact location of the trail in relationship to the I-80 freeway sound walls located from 23 East to 17th East.

Colin stated that in the areas where the sound walls are located up on the hill, the trail will be located north of the walls.  Where the sound walls are on the flat, closer to the freeway, the trail will be south of the sound wall.  This means the trail will weave north and south of the walls depending on the location.  All of the trail is located south of the I-80 freeway until it ascends the hill at 17th East to cross into Sugar House Park.  Members of the committee expressed concerns regarding safety and noise in the sections north of the walls next to the freeway but unfortunately there isn’t enough available land to keep the entire trail south of the sound walls.

Construction of this section of Parley’s Trail is still scheduled to start sometime this summer. Residents who live in the area are aware of the construction schedule.

Sally reported that the bollard lights for Hidden Hollow will be installed soon.  The large tall light poles will be removed since they are non-functional and did not provide the correct lighting for the natural area.(Update: Installation began the last week of March)

Sally also reported that Daniel Page from UDOT confirmed that they have no immediate plans to replace the overpass at 13th East.  They will be conducting a pavement preservation project this year which will include grinding some areas of the pavement on I-80 and doing shoulder work.  Major I-80 work will not happen until 2021-2022.  They will consider overpass bridge replacements at that time.

Meeting adjourned at 6:00pm

Landon Clark