Proposed Rezone of Old Wells Fargo Parcel

Proposed Rezone of Old Wells Fargo Parcel

UPDATE on February 10. The planner originally set a date of February 6 for our letter and comments.  However, HBV has come to them with some changes they want to make, probably as a result of what they heard on July 31, so we don’t have a hard deadline.  Here is the letter I sent to Planning on March 1.  The letter includes comments sent to me via email.  These are the comments I sent to Planning on March 1 that came to me via the comment form on our website. 

Comments after March 1 will be sent to the planner periodically, Anyone can still provide comments using the form below. Comments will be taken up until 5 p.m. the day of the Planning Commission meeting (and we have no idea when that will be.)  We will make every attempt to see that the comments we receive will be sent to Planning in time for the Planning Commission meeting.  If they come up with a significantly different plan, we may have to write a second letter.

UPDATE _ There will be a public meeting with the developers at Highland High Auditorium on Wednesday, January 31, 2024, 6 – 7:30 pm.  The developers will try to explain the project, addressing the concerns you identified at the last meeting.  Please come, tell your neighbors. And don’t forget to send us a comment (below) if you haven’t already done so.

At the December 6 2023 meeting of the Sugar House Community Council, the new owners of the Wells Fargo parcel presented some slides, you probably have seen those in the news, or online, or via email.  We now have received their rezoning request.  They are proposing a new zone CSHBD-SUS (Commercial Sugar House Business District Sustainability District).  This is a Zoning Map & Zoning Text Amendment and a Master Plan Amendment. Here is their request.  Use the form below to provide your feedback. All comments will go with my letter to the  Planning Commission about the rezone.  This will then go to the City Council for final approval of the rezone. Later, if the rezoning is approved and we have actual plans, you may be able to comment on the building design, if they are asking for some variation from what the zone will allow.

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