Recycling Guide

Recycling Guide

Sugar House Recycling Guide

Welcome to the Sugar House Recycling Guide!  This guide provides answers to frequently asked questions and helps Sugar House residents and businesses know where to go for additional information about recycling in our community.


For all the answers to your questions about the City’s curbside recycling program, including how to get a bin if you’re a new resident and what you can and cannot recycle, visit here or call the Salt Lake City Streets and Sanitation Division at (801) 535-6999.


For information on how business owners can subscribe to the City’s curbside recycling program, visit here or call (801) 535-6999.

Helpful hints in preparing your recyclables (from the Salt Lake County Recycling Information Office,

* No need to remove staples from paper.

Why?  Magnets remove staples during recycling process.

* Rinse out food containers.

Why?  Food causes contamination and can cause unsanitary condition and odors.

* No need to remove labels from cans and bottles.

Why?  Labels are removed during the recycling process.

* Remove tape from cardboard boxes.

Why?  Tape cannot be recycled and causes contamination.

* Break down boxes.

Why?  Saves space.

* Place recyclables in bag (do not tie the bags).

Why?  This will reduce the litter when the recycle bins are picked up and discarded into the trucks.  Not tying the bags lets the truck compact the materials tighter.

Look for the recycling symbol on or near the bottom of the plastic container:

plastic #1 –   pop bottles, water bottles, etc.

plastic #2 –   milk jugs, etc.

Glass Recycling

Sugar House drop-off location: Forest Dale Golf Course, 900 East 2375 South

Please separate brown glass bottles from clear and green glass bottles.

Why?  Brown glass does not recycle at the same rate as other glass that is made into products such as fiberglass insulation.  However, it is recycled into new glass and other recycled products.

This drop-off location is for glass bottles only.  Please do not drop off ceramics, light bulbs, windows, glass dishes, etc.

For more information and a list of additional drop-off locations, visit here.

Household Hazardous Waste Disposal

Household hazardous waste should be disposed of properly and never put in the landfill.  Items included in hazardous waste are:

  • antifreeze
  • batteries
  • flourescent light tubes (CFC light bulbs)
  • fuels
  • gasoline
  • oil
  • paint
  • pesticides
  • transmission fluid
  • yard care chemicals
  • other chemicals

During the summer months Salt Lake County runs monthly household hazardous waste pick ups.  They also have permanent ABOP (antifreeze, batteries, oil, paint) centers around the valley. Visit here for more information:]

Fluorescent Light Tubes and Bulbs Disposal

Fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent bulbs contain mercury and should be considered as hazardous waste.  Residents may drop off long and short fluorescent bulbs at the following locations:

  • Salt Lake County North Building
    2001 South State Street (Info Desk)
    (801) 468-2911
  • City and County Building
    451 South State Street (Main Floor Info Desk)

Additionally, resident may take only the compact fluorescent bulbs to Sprague Library (2131 S 1100 E, 801-594-8640) at the following times:

Monday – Thursday 10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Friday and Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Sunday 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Electronic Waste

E-Waste is a major source of contaminant in our landfills and is one of the fastest growing waste products taking up valuable landfill space and most of the parts can be salvaged.  Common electronic items that should be recycled include:

  • television
  • computer
  • printer
  • fax machine
  • scanner
  • computer parts
  • keyboards
  • cell phone

E-Waste recycling locations

  • Trans-Jordan Landfill – 10873 S 7200 W
  • Salt Lake Valley Solid Waste Facility – 1400 S 6030 W

Best Buy also takes almost all electronic items for recycling.

Additional Information

Getting a new mattress?  You can recycle the metal and fabric and save the landfill space. Visit Spring Back Utah to learn more.

Thank you for your interest.  Please help our community and the environment by recycling!

Landon Clark